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Moerman Legacy Umbrella Clothes Dryer

Moerman Legacy Umbrella Clothes Dryer

14.00 lbs
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The Moerman Legacy Outdoor Umbrella Clothes Dryer is one of the best lightweight umbrella dryers on the market and has more features than dryers costing twice as much.

It has a unique dual - multiple height adjustment for your ideal working height, a one piece pole, super strong extruded (aircraft quality) aluminum construction and individually strung lines. It is equipped with patented turbo spin technology which allows the 4 dryer-arms to turn effortlessly with no force, even when you have it fully loaded with your wet laundry.

This patented feature has ball bearings in the center of the umbrella which makes hanging your laundry from one spot easy and also allows the umbrella to spin in the slightest of breezes.

With the dual, multiple height adjustments on this quality rotary dryer you can set the dryer to a height that best suits you. One of the multi-setting buttons is for the shape of the umbrella and the other multi-setting button is for the height of the drying lines. Varying each gives you loads of settings, more than enough to customize the dryer to an ideal working height.

Totally constructed of lightweight and super strong, no-rust, extruded aluminum, the one piece 1.6" diameter pole and 4 dryer arms provide the ultimate in convenience and strength. Of course aluminum does not rust or corrode and extruded aluminum is super strong and perfect for anywhere.

Pre-strung with pastel yellow, PVC coated, polyester core line this outdoor dryer is a breeze to setup and will be a joy for you to use. Each line is individually strung for easy replacement. When opened, the Legacy will need 9 feet in diameter of ground space and will provide sufficient drying space for a large family.

The outer lines are 74" in length which is long enough for your sheets (queens are 60"; kings are 78" but can easily be folded a bit) and linens. In total you will have close to 200 feet of drying lines. This quality outdoor dryer comes complete with a ground stake (will serve as a ground sleeve if you prefer to cement into ground) and an all-weather cover.

Moerman has definitely set the standard with their quality line of fun and functional outdoor dryers. Recently introduced in the USA, their laundry line is a best seller in Europe and Canada. At the top of their umbrella dryer line, the Legacy dryer is packed full of quality features.

Combined with ease of use and affordability, this eco-friendly and energy saving umbrella dryer is a great choice.


Total Line Space:
197 ft (60.045 m)
Required Diameter:
9 ft (2.743 m)
Main Pole Diameter:
1.6 in (4.064 cm)
Ground Socket Included:

Extruded Aluminium Construction
Won't Rust, Super Strong
Multiple Height Positioning
The Perfect Working Height to Suit Everyone
Turbo Spin Technology
Effortless Spinning Even With the Heaviest of Loads
PVC Coated Poly Core Lines
Durable, Wipeable Lines
Double Sorter Folding Table
Double Sorter Folding Table
Protective Ironing Sole Plate
Protective Ironing Sole Plate
3 Tier Laundry Cart
3 Tier Laundry Cart
Cross Bar/Rod for x2 InstaHANGERs
Cross Bar/Rod for x2 InstaHANGERs
Moerman Solid 4 Steel Arms 131ft  Rotary Clothesline
Moerman Solid 4 Steel Arms 131ft Rotary Clothesline
Portable Wooden Clothes Drying Rack - 303
Portable Wooden Clothes Drying Rack - 303
Clothesline 8 Feet with 6 Jumbo Clips
Clothesline 8 Feet with 6 Jumbo Clips
PVC Dryer Balls - Blue
PVC Dryer Balls - Blue
Quad Laundry Sorter
Quad Laundry Sorter
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: *
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