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Electrolux EWG14750W

Electrolux - EWG14750W
Electrolux - EWG14750W


Fully integrated 1400rpm spin electronic washing machine with 6kg washing capacity

Product Benefits


Time Manager


The new Electrolux washing machines with Time Manager enable you to adapt the duration of your washing cycle to the time you have, so that it stays your time, for your work, your family or your leisure. The choice is yours.


6 Time Manager levels


Regulate your own washing duration. Time Manager is equipped with 6 levels of time, easy to manage with a simple switch. The choices appear on the LCD screen. The shirt icon indicates the suitable stain level of the time selected. Thus, you always have the best result within the shortest time.

Product Features


Active Balance Control (ABC)

This machine is equipped with Active Balance Control, ABC, to reduce noise and disturbances during spinning. With the ABC system noise and vibrations are reduced by up to 50%, which means that you can now use your washing machine also late in the evening, without disturbing your neighbours. The machine increases the speed in small steps and goes up to full spin speed only when the laundry is evenly distributed and the drum is in complete balance.

Max spin speed: 1400 rpm
The higher spin speed the lower rest humidity in the clothes and shorter drying time. The drying time in a tumble dryer depends on the level of residual humidity - the lower the shorter and accordingly you also save energy cost.

Technical Data

Colour:                                               White

Model Number:                              EWG14750W

Product Class:                                 Washing Machine

Product Installation:                    Built-in

Load Capacity kg (Wash):            6

Washing Technology:                   New jet with 2 rinses

Front Door:                                       Big porthole

Motor System:                                 Universal

LCD or LED Indicator:                   LCD

User Interface:                                 LCD large display

Energy Class:                                     A+

Spin efficiency:                                  B

Wash Energy Rating:                      A

Height (mm):                                    820

Width (mm):                                      600

Depth (mm):                                      541

Volt:                                                      230-240

Drum Volume:                                  46

Water Consumption per

cycle Wash & Dry (litres):              42

Rinse System:                                    Anti-foam system

Electrolux - EWG14750W PDF - USER Guide

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