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Electrolux ewx12550w

Electrolux - EWX12550W
Electrolux - EWX12550W

Fully integrated 1200rpm spin electronic washer dryer.

Product Benefits



With their clean design, intelligent functionality and maximum ease-of-use, the INSPIRE range of appliances by Electrolux instills the confidence of the most demanding consumers.

Product Features


Condenser dryer, no venting required

A condensing tumble dryer is the right choice when you don't have an outside vent. It is easy to install and you can place the dryer almost anywhere. The condenser system transforms the moisture in the re-circulated air into water, which then is then pumped out through the waste pipe. The condensing tumble dryer could also be more energy saving as it gives off heat to the surrounding room.

Timer controlled drying

With timer controlled drying the drying goes on during the time you choose. You find approximate drying times for different quantities and textiles on the panel and in the user manual.

Electronic controls

This model features electronic controls for easier operation and programme selection. There is also an LED display to show the time until end of programme - helping you plan your time.

Technical Data

Model Number:                               EWX12550W

Colour:                                               White

Product Class:                                  Front loaded WD

Product Installation:                     Built-in

Height (mm):                                  820

Width (mm):                                   600

Depth (mm):                                   541

Max Spin Speed:                             1200

Load Capacity kg (Wash):           6

Load Capacity kg (Dry):              4.0

Washing Technology:                   New jet with 2 rinses

Drying Technology:                      Water condense

Motor System:                                 Universal

Rinse System:                                  Anti-foam system

Energy Class:                                   C

Wash Energy Rating:                    A

Volt:                                                    230-240

Drum Volume:                                46

Spinning Noise IEC7043:             0

Water Consumption per

cycle Wash & Dry (litres):           88.0

Electrolux - EWX12550W PDF - User Guide

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