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3 Tier Laundry Cart
3 Tier Laundry Cart

This laundry cart is the ideal companion and is perfect for those times you need an extra set of hands, or maybe a butler.

Price $45.00
Chrome Rolling Laundry Station
Chrome Rolling Laundry Station
This station allows for you to do it all at one station! Hang clothes, store your laundry detergent and other laundry essentials. With its sturdy steel construction, it's able to withstand regular use. It also has rolling wheels, to make it easily movable.
Price: $270.73 save 17%
Sale price $225.00

The Perfect Storage Solution For All Your Laundry Needs!

Doing laundry just got easier. Having a laundry cart is the ultimate in convenience and with our range of high quality laundry carts, there's sure to be a model that suits every household.

How A Laundry Cart Saves You Time And Reduces Back Strain

Everyone has to do laundry and it is usually a job that people want to get done quickly and efficiently as it can become time consuming. You need to become organized and get into a routine where your laundry is concerned. If you have the correct equipment then your laundry will become easier to do and not a chore anymore. Laundry carts are an excellent way of dealing with your laundry in an efficient and tidy way.

Laundry carts are different from laundry hampers as they are often slightly larger and have wheels to enable them to be pushed around your home. If you have a larger house and family you will know that you will have a lot of laundry. By placing the dirty laundry into the cart it will save you going back and forth to the laundry room every time you find some laundry. They are also fantastic for when you have done the laundry as you can fold it up and place it on the shelves ready to take back to the rooms.

Often the laundry carts will come with added storage and shelves these are to make your job easier by making sure that everything is in one place. You will know exactly where the items to wash the clothes are every time. The laundry cart can be used for before the washing and after to store the clothes on until they are ready to be put away. Often there is a place to hang your clothes to stop them getting creased and an area for each type of clothing. If you are organized with your housework then you will find it gets done quicker.

The laundry carts are designed to be at a level where you do not need to bend down all the time so you will be saving your back. You will find that the height of the cart enables you to reach the laundry with ease every time you need to. You can teach your kids that their laundry needs to go into the different areas of the cart and this will save you time when it comes to loading the machine. Your laundry cart needs to be lightweight and durable so it can be pushed around your home. You also want it to look great even when it is simply placed in the laundry room.

Although it is common to store your laundry cart in the laundry room you may want to store it elsewhere around your home. This means it needs to look great and as stylish as the rest of your home, you can find the laundry carts in many different styles and materials. You are guaranteed to find one that will suit your tastes, needs and budget. You can find the laundry cart in stores and online and this will enable you to find a larger range to choose from. Which one you choose will be entirely your choice and it will make your life so much easier.