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Laundry Services, Laundry Line and Clothes Line Products

Family Clothesline Options

Clothesline and laundry line products for family situations or large drying needs. We have put together a list of all types of clothes lines that are suitable for family's in the US and Canada.


Couple Clothesline Options

US Couples often have varied laundry drying needs so in this section we have listed our top rated laundry line and clothes line options for couples.


Single Clothesline Options

If you are a single person in the US, we have put together our top seller list of products that are best suited to your drying needs.


Retractable Clotheslines

Retractable Clothesline and Laundry lines are one of the most popular styles of products we sell as you can use them around your home in many situations. Checkout our list of quality retractable clotheslines available in the US.


Rotary Clotheslines

Rotary clotheslines are available in many sizes to suit your laundry needs. Often these products give you the most line space and can be removable when required.


Folding Frame Clotheslines

Folding frame or foldown clotheslines are a new type of laundry line now available through Urban Clotheslines and these can be either wall or ground mounted depending on your living situation.


Ceiling Clothes Airers

Ceiling mounted clothes airer are great at drying your laundry indoors and are becoming more popular as users learn how they work and can be installed in your home situation.


Wall Mounted Drying Racks

Utilizing your wall space for drying your laundry is how these unique dryers came to be. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and are available in a range of sizes and colors


Clothes Drying Racks

Modern drying racks in all sizes and models are now in stock and can help you dry your laundry wether your in an apartment, townhouse or on a ranch


Pulley Clotheslines

Pulley clotheslines offer you many drying options and if you have space for these types of outdoor dryers they can slash your energy bills dramatically


Indoor Airers

Indoor airers are the perfect solution at home for drying your laundry inside when the weather is bad. Large range of models and sizes available


Eco Friendly Drying Racks and Laundry Lines

In an age where people are starting to warm up on the idea of learning yoga and recycling, should it really be considered as a surprise that we now have Eco Friendly Drying Racks and Laundry Lines?

Urban Clothes Lines stocks the largest selection of Eco Friendly laundry lines and clothes drying products in the USA and Canada. 

Below you will find links to some traditional laundry drying products and also links to state-of -the-art drying devices that come in all shapes and sizes, and models and colours to suit almost every type of living situation.

Some of the laundry services offered include drying racks, rotary clothes lines, umbrella styled laundry lines, wall mounted drying racks, retractable clothes lines and a large selection of indoor airers and outdoor airers. 


Our products are guaranteed Eco Friendly, will reduce your energy needs and best of all will SAVE you money!