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QuikCLOSET Fold Away Clothes Dryer

QuikCLOSET Fold Away Clothes Dryer

2.00 lbs
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The QuikCLOSET Fold Away Clothes Dryer provides you with up to 5ft. of extra storage space and can hold an incredible 100lbs of laundry.

This is simply two InstaHANGERS joined together by a telescopic rod which can be spaced anywhere from 3 - 5ft. apart.

If you want to use the QuikCLOSET for extra heavy clothes storage, it is recommended to only space them up to 4ft. apart and not on a hollow dry wall.

This product includes easy to install instructions, mounting hardware and a mounting template.

Suitable for all around the home and it's weather resistant so you could even use outside as well. It's made of tough ABS plastic and has a chromed steel hanging rod, simply pull up the front panel for instant storage space. When finished simply slip telescopic rod out the panel collapses easily and neatly against the wall. It's a fantastic space saving idea!

The QuikCLOSET is also a great idea for the RV, most parks don't allow outside clotheslines so the sleek, compact design is perfect. It can be mounted to just about any surface.

InstaHANGER - Organize Your Home, Simplify Your Life! Very popular product


18 in (45 cm)
3 in (7.62 cm)
14 in (35.6 cm)
Total Hanging Space:
up to 5 ft (1.524 m)
Weight Capacity:
Up To 100 lbs (45.359 kg)
Color of Unit:

Unique Design
Sleek And Compact
Maximises Your Existing Closet Space
Up To 5ft. Of Extra Hanging Space
Comes Complete With -
All Hardware, Instructions & Mounting Template
Weather Resistant
Use Indoor Or Outdoor
Air Board Replacement Cover
Air Board Replacement Cover
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