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Breezecatcher 4 Arm 140ft Rotary Clothesline
Breezecatcher 4 Arm 140ft Rotary Clothesline

Aluminium 4 arm umbrella styled rotary clothes line with 140ft of liner space. 10 year Breezecatcher guarantee.

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Find the latest Rotary Clothesline and Umbrella clothesline models available today in the USA and Canada.

Rotary clothes line with a folding head are by far the most convenient type of outdoor umbrella style clothes line products available on the market today.

As housing lot sizes are becoming smaller and smaller and most people do not have the space for the old style classic "Hills Hoist" rotary clothesline, folding rotary clotheslines and umbrella clothesline models have become more and more popular as they take up less room and can be removed from the ground if required.


More Information on our Rotary Clothes Lines

Proven to be extremely popular throughout other regions such as Australia and the United Kingdom, Rotary Clotheslines would be considered the most common outdoor clothesline on the market.

It's large amount of drying space and ability to hold larger loads of laundry make it a top pick for family homes.

It is an excellent outdoor form of clothesline and makes doing your washing so much more convenient.

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