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Tips for Cleaning Your Laundry Hamper

Fir Wood Hamper with Poly Cotton Bag

The Fir Wood Hamper’s Poly Cotton Bag is removable.

Laundry hampers are important in any home. They help you store clothing and other items that need laundered so you don’t end up with laundry all over your home. However, no matter what type of hamper you have, it is important to clean it from time to time. Without cleaning bacteria and mold can grow and you’ll also find that the hampers can become a bit smelly too. Here are some cleaning tips to remember.

If the hamper has a liner in it, make sure that it gets washed each week when the clothes get washed. This way it is fresh and clean all the time, cutting down on smells.

If you have plastic laundry hampers, you’ll find that they are easy to clean. Use hot soapy water to clean them inside and out from time to time and then dry them. This way you eliminate any nasty bacteria that may start growing.

To eliminate smells, sometimes it is a good idea to put a bit of baking soda into the hamper as well. The baking soda helps to keep the smells at bay that can occur.

Of course, if you have wicker hampers, they can be a bit more difficult to clean. If there are stains, make sure you spot clean them and avoid getting the wicker too wet. Try to clean them regularly so you don’t end up with any mold or mildew inside of them.

Laundry hampers can be a harbor for bacteria and smells, so make sure you use these tips on a regular basis to clean them out. This way you avoid smells and keep clothing from being affected by bacteria or mildew from the hamper.

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Where to Put Laundry Hampers in Your Home

If you’re having a tough time figuring out which clothes are clean and which ones need to be washed, it’s time you start using some laundry hampers. These simple purchases can make a big difference in your home. They provide a way that you can keep laundry out of site and you won’t have to go on a hunt for the clothes when you are ready to wash them. Wondering where you should put laundry hampers? Here are a few great ideas.uclhe2500_2-Soft-Sided-Hamper-Tote-Magic-Rings-01shrunk

1 Hamper Per Child

Of course, if you have kids, one of the obvious places to put a hamper is in their room. Teach kids that dirty clothing goes in the hamper while they are young. Every child should have one hamper of their own for the best results. Otherwise they are more likely to leave clothing on the floor instead of going to find a hamper.


It’s also a good idea to put a laundry hamper in the bathroom as well. Often people take off clothing in the bathroom to get a shower and of course towels and wash cloths get used in there as well. Instead of allowing the bathroom to become a disaster, a small hamper in there can take care of soiled laundry for you.

Don’t Forget the Laundry Room!

Sometimes it’s also a good idea to have a laundry hamper in the laundry room as well. This is the place where you actually do the laundry. Even if everyone else has their own hamper, just keeping one on hand in the laundry room is a great idea for items like sheets and other things you want to wash that are not regular clothing laundry.

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Vote NO on Proposition 23

If you haven’t already, tomorrow is your last chance to vote NO on Proposition 23 — the statewide ballot initiative supported by climate deniers and paid for by oil companies and the fossil fuel industry.

Prop 23 would kill thousands of California’s clean energy jobs and small businesses while making our energy bills skyrocket. But this Tuesday, you have a chance to stop this dangerous proposal and protect California’s economic recovery.

Check out your polling location and make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to vote on Election Day — Tuesday, November 2.

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3 Signs You Need a Laundry Cart

Laundry can bring chaos to any home. Many people find that a laundry cart can be helpful when dealing with this laundry chaos. Maybe you don’t have one of your own yet. Well, here is a look at three signs you definitely need to add a laundry cart to your laundry room immediately.

Sign #1 – You Have a Big Family
Chrome Rolling Laundry Station with closet rail and two shelvesIf you have a big family, that’s a sign that you definitely need a laundry cart. Trying to get all that laundry into the laundry room is tough. In fact, it can be a back breaking job that leaves you sore for days. With the laundry cart it’s easy to get the laundry from all over the home. Simply wheel it to the laundry room instead of trying to actually carry everything from all over your home.

Sign #2 – You Make Multiple Trips When Getting or Putting Away Laundry

Another sign that you need to buy your own laundry cart is that you make multiple trips when getting or putting away the laundry. If it takes you five trips to round up the laundry and even more to put clean laundry away, you are wasting your energy. With the cart you’ll be able to take care of everything in just one trip as long as you purchase one that fits your needs.

Sign #3 – You’re Tired of Laundry Mania and Disorganization Throughout Your Home

Are you sick of dealing with laundry mania and disorganization throughout your home? Maybe laundry ends up in piles everywhere and you are never quite sure where the laundry detergent ends up. Well, you’ll find that a laundry cart can help you get things more organized. All the laundry can easily be sorted with laundry carts that come with multiple compartments. Many have shelves too so you are able to store laundry essentials on the cart so you can easily find

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