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How to Easily Use a Retractable Clothesline

Are you thinking of saving money by hanging and drying your clothes instead of turning on the dryer? With a retractable clothesline, you can simply hang up your clothing and wait for them to air dry. This will save you money in the long run and it is actually very efficient. These types of clotheslines can be used indoors and outdoors and are quite easy to set up. Keep these tips in mind if you’re planning on purchasing a retractable clothesline for your future laundry use.

Pick the Ideal Location

Before setting up your new clothesline you will need to determine a great spot to put it. If you live in a stormy area, it is best to select a spot inside your home for your retractable clothesline. If you get seasonal weather, try to pick out a spot in your backyard that gets enough sunshine without too much shade. If you have a fence start the line from there to your home.

This is an excellent spot since all your clothes will dry as evenly as possible. You can adjust the line to a smaller area if you have less clothing to hang up. Remember to pick a space that is sturdy enough so it won’t fall down and the height should be right at the top of your head.

Use Dripping Water to Your Advantage

If you are using a retractable clothesline outdoors, you can set a few flower pots underneath your hanging clothes. The dripping water will provide moisture for your plants, so you are essentially killing two birds with one stone. You might want to avoid hanging the clothesline in an area that might track up mud and dirt on your porch or patio.

Steady the Mount

Once you have mounted your clothesline, it’s a good idea to check how sturdy it really is. Pull down on the line with your hand to see if it loosens the retractable clotheslines grip. If it does, you might need to hammer in a few extra nails to keep it from slipping down. These types of clothesline might need a little extra elbow grease after a months time of use so you should remount it whenever you think its losing its grip.

If you’re planning on using a retractable clothesline contact us. We’ll show you are wide selection of readily available retractable clotheslines.

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Clothes Lines are Now a Thing of the Present

When you think about clothes lines, if you’re old enough you probably picture your grandmother using one in the backyard. Maybe you’ve only seen them in older movies. However, clothes lines are definitely a thing of the future.

With hard economic times combined with people wanting a greener environment, clothes lines are the perfect option.  Not only can you save money but there are many added benefits to using Mother Nature to dry your laundry.

  • Fresher smelling. There’s nothing like laundry dried outdoors in the sunshine. Not only do you get a fresh scent without having to use laundry dryer sheets but the scent cannot be duplicated out of a box.
  • Lower costs. It doesn’t cost you a thing to dry your laundry on a clothes line. There’s no electricity to use with a dryer and you don’t have to worry about a high power bill due to a power-hungry electric dryer.
  • Better environmental benefits. One way you can help with your carbon footprint is to dry your laundry on a clothes line. You’re not using chemically treated dryer sheets, there’s less waste and you’re not using any electricity to dry the laundry.

No matter what the reason is for choosing a clothes line to dry your laundry, you will reap a multitude of benefits. You’re helping out the environment, lowering your costs and you will have the freshest smelling laundry around.

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Benefits Of A Laundry Drying Rack

People are always looking for novel ways to save money. Today’s economy can be tough, so finding ways to save money any way possible could help out a lot in the future. One way people can cut down on their home costs is with a laundry drying rack. These racks can be purchased online and they offer numerous benefits. Some of the benefits include:

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  • Lower Electric Bill. The obvious benefit to using a drying rack is that people can cut down on their electric bill. People will not have to use their dyer every week, which can be very expensive.
  • Better For Environment. Another added benefit to using a laundry rack is that it is better for the environment. When people use their dryer a lot, carbon emissions are put off into the air. This can be detrimental to the environment, so having a drying rack can cut down on these emissions.
  • Easy To Use. Sometimes dryers have a lot of features that make it hard to use. This is especially difficult for older people because they may not be the most technologically savvy. Having a drying rack on hand saves people this hassle because it is very simple. They can simple set their clothes on the rack and that’s it; they are done.
  • Saves Space. Another added benefit to using a drying rack is that they don’t take up a lot of space. They are very compact and fold up quickly, which allows people to store the rack in tight spaces. This is especially great for those who don’t have a laundry room in their house.

We would love to help you lower your electric bills and help the environment as well, so feel free to contact us today.

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Retractable Clothesline: A Great Option For Your Big Family

If you’re one of those families who has made the decision that “bigger is better” and the more love you have in your home, the happier you’ll be, good for you! Unfortunately, when you have a big family, you end up having big bills that go along with that.  We’re all about saving you money in one particular area that tends to drain your wallet quickly:  drying your clothes!  

There’s nothing better than putting on clothes that have been dried outside.  For your family, who undoubtedly has a large wardrobe, a retractable clothesline is a great alternative to using a dryer to dry your clothes.

Our retractable clothesline is much different from what you would consider a “traditional” clothesline.  With children, you don’t want to take up your entire backyard with an unattractive clothesline.  This gives you the ability to use the clothesline when you need it, and put it away when you don’t.  You can even dry your clothes inside if you need to.  That’s the beauty of the retractable clothesline.  It’s a convenient way for you to take advantage of the fresh air and it saves you money in the process.

A family can spend a lot of money a month in energy costs simply by running a dryer when they dry their clothes.  With growing children who have ever-changing needs, you can surely think of something else you’d rather spend your money on.  We’re here to help you do that.

Urban Clotheslines is your one-stop online store for all of your clothes-drying needs.  We’re committed to helping you save money and “go green” in this particular area of your life.  And with all of our versatile products, you’re bound to find one that’s the perfect fit for you.

To find out more about all of our incredible products, contact us!

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Tips for drying your clothes outdoors

The clothesline was a backyard staple for many years before the dryer became one of life’s greatest luxuries.  Now the dryer is one of life’s necessities.  But if you’re looking to reduce your electric bill and your carbon footprint, consider drying your clothes on a clothesline.  Here are some tips to drying your clothes outside.

Line Height

To maximize your clothesline usage, make sure your line is high enough off the ground to hold sheets and towels without touching the ground.  Approximately 5 ½’ off the ground is a good start.  You do not want it too far off the ground as this makes it difficult to reach for some people.  I will tell you in a minute another trick to keep your items from dragging the ground.


Make sure there is enough space for air to circulate freely around your clothes.  This allows for shorter drying times.  If you are using a terraced, single pole clothesline, consider drying clothes on one day, sheets and towels on a different day. 

Fabric Softener

Ok, I admit it.  I don’t like drying my clothes on the line because it feels like I’m wearing cardboard the next day.  By adding some fabric softener to your wash loads, your clothes will feel softer and smell fresher.  A quick snap or shake out of your clothes before hanging will also prevent as many wrinkles from forming. 

Clothes Pins

Find a medium sized container with a handle that will hold your clothes pins and allow them to be carried easier.  

When to hang your clothes

Try to have your clothes washed and on the line by noon.  This will allow for plenty of direct sun and warm circulating air.  Remove your clothes from the line before the sun goes down and the evening dampness sets in. 

When not to hang your clothes

Avoid hanging your clothes out to dry when humidity is high.  For all you smarty pants out there, I’m not talking about when it’s raining.  I am referring to the dog days of summer when the relative humidity hovers between 80-90%.  It will take a long time to dry and there is not a pleasant “fresh air” smell to your clothes.   

Last thoughts

To keep your long items from dragging the ground, consider an 8 foot long, 2”x2” post, available at any home improvement store or lumber store.  At the very end of the post, insert a screw or nail at a 45 degree angle.  When the weight on the clothesline causes your clothes to drag the ground, raise the line off the ground with your pole.

For fresh towels, consider a tablespoon of bleach in your wash cycle (hot water if they’re not colored towels).  The bleach, along with the direct sunlight, will kill the bacteria that causes them to smell.

Drying your clothes outdoors will give all of your clothes a cleaner, fresher smell, and prolong their life.  You can also reduce your electric bill in the process.  If you want to add a clothesline to your backyard, check out the options at or contact us at .

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Choose an Outdoor Clothes Dryer to Save Money and Have Fresh Laundry

If you’re looking for an economical and eco-friendly way to dry your laundry then consider the benefits of an outdoor clothes dryer. Not only do you get the benefits of fresh air and a scent that you cannot get out of an electric washer but you are helping the environment and finding a way to be cost efficient. With people looking to save money in today’s economy, it only makes sense to use what nature gave us and drying your laundry outside is a start to becoming more self-sustainable. It doesn’t use electricity and you won’t get extra costs added to your power bill.

You will find that you will enjoy the benefits of a Laundry Dome. This innovative product allows your laundry to dry in what is known as a greenhouse effect. You won’t have to worry about drying your clothes outdoors any longer and having to worry about rain or debris. The Laundry Dome allows daylight radiation to make the temperature increase inside of it. It doesn’t even matter if it’s cloudy outside; it still works to dry your clothes in a way that costs less and keeps your home environmentally friendly. This is the perfect way to get your clothes clean and fresh without having to use any electricity at all in order to get them dry.

Just think, whether it’s on your back porch or out in the yard, you get laundry that dries faster outside when a scent that can’t be beat and best of all, the drying power of the sunshine costs you nothing to use.

When you’re ready to get started just contact us for all of the details on how we can help.

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