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5 Steps for Lowering Your Energy Bill

invest to energy concept - euro in bulb - piggybankYour energy bill isn’t fixed in stone. All too often homeowners believe that there is little they can do to lower their monthly utility bill. Luckily, this is not the situation, as there are many steps that one can take to lower energy bills. If you are looking for a dynamic way to save big every month, then we have some great tips that will help you save even more than you may have imagined. Let’s dive in and explore five great tips designed to help you reduce your spending. Maybe you’ll actually feel a little joy when you open that envelope every month!

Energy Saving Tip Number One-Insulation
Insulation might seem a bit pricey upon first glance, but there is no denying that it is worth it. The more energy you consume on a monthly basis, the more worthwhile and cost savings an invest insulation becomes. There are plenty of options when it comes to insulation, and the good news is that you don’t have to opt for a potentially damaging and toxic chemical based insulation to get the job done.

House wrapped in a scarf isolated on whiteOptions such as blue jean and wool insulation are both people and planet friendly. These insulation options work very well and come from either recycled or renewable options.

Taking the time to insulate previously un-insulated areas, such as crawl spaces and roofs, can really pay off. Old insulation can also be a major source of energy loss. The simple fact is that insulation just doesn’t last forever and does need to be replaced. Additionally, insulation is unlike almost any other home improvement in that it starts paying for itself almost as soon as it is installed. If you want lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint, then you’ll want to install insulation sooner than later.

Energy Saving Tip Number Two-Energy Star Appliances

586px-Energy_Star_logoEnergy Star appliances are another worthwhile investment. This is particularly true if you have old appliances. Old appliances are tremendous energy users and can really hit you in your wallet. That is, of course, the bad news, but the good news is that Energy Star appliances are affordable and will start paying for themselves immediately.

Another piece of good news is that there are numerous different kind of Energy Star appliances including refrigerators. It is important to pay attention to refrigerators due to the fact that refrigerators are always on and always using electricity. An old refrigerator can really send your energy bill soaring through the roof! If you can only select oneEnergy Star appliance, it might not be a bad idea to start with a refrigerator.


Energy Saving Tip Number Three-Windows and Doors

diagnostic de performance énergétiqueWindows and doors are notorious for leaking, and that means money is flowing out of your windows and doors. Heating or cooling air only to see it flow right out your windows and doors is depressing. Of course, replacing windows and doors can be extremely expensive.

If you can afford to replace old windows and doors, it is a good idea to do so. Older homes are usually in desperate need of new windows. When removing old windows from homes built before 1979, keep in mind that lead paint might be an issue. So look for window professionals that understand how to address the issue of windows with lead paint.

If replacing your windows and/or doors isn’t an option, there are still significant steps you can take. Modern windows are often double paned and come with other energy efficiency features. You can get some of these benefits through caulking and using plastic window treatments to keep cold or warm air from both escaping and making its way into your home. Usually the cost of this step is nominal, but the energy saving rewards can be nothing short of immense.

Energy Saving Tip Number Four-Turn Down Your Thermostat

A woman set the thermostat at house.You may have heard before that you should turn down your thermostat. The other tips on our list require some work, planning and various degrees of expense, but turning down your thermostat is as easy of a cost saving step, as you’ll ever see.

In a just a moment, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars every year. It isn’t necessary to invest in an expensive or fancy thermostat, although that can help. In the end, turning down your thermostat is all it takes to start saving.


Energy Saving Tip Number Five-Evaluate How You Use Your Space

Man sleeping in bed and holding a mobile phoneIf you are spending most of your time in just one or two rooms of your home, you may be able to turn your thermostat down and just heat and cool those key areas. This tip works particularly well for certain times of the day.

A portable heater or air conditioning unit can be a real money saver; after all, why heat or cool your entire home when you are sleeping? At night, a portable heating unit or air conditioner can help you save tremendously. Like turning down your thermostat, this is a simple but remarkably effective way to save money.

Together these five tips can completely transform your energy usage and, in the process, help you save a bundle. These five tips are also good for the planet and when used in conjunction with one another can produce impressive results. Using less energy means a lower carbon footprint, and that is something we can all get excited about!

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The Moerman Single Line Retractable Clothesline

Moerman Single Line Retractable ClotheslineThe Moerman Single Line Retractable Clothesline extends up to 49 feet, and keeping the line taut is as simple as wrapping it around the cleat attached to the casing.
This clothes dryer boasts a PVC-coated polyester core line that retracts tangle-free into a pastel blue case. The high impact plastic case will protect the lines for years. It is unobtrusive between uses, as you may fold it close to the wall or remove the casing easily for storage. Single people or anybody living in small spaces will benefit from this retractable dryer.
All the hardware comes included with this clothesline, including plastic anchors for more fragile walls. All you need is a screwdriver or drill. To install, first remove the mounting bracket from the dryer. In addition to instructions below, Brianna would like to show you how the Moerman Single works in the video:

Screw the mounting bracket to the wall and the screw hook to the opposing wall or post. Now slide the clothes dryer onto the mounting bracket and extend the line to the hook. To keep the line taut, pull out just enough to wrap around the cleat under the case. When you are finished, unlock the line from the cleat, unhook, and walk it back. Swing the casing flush with the wall or take it off the bracket for storage.

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The Moerman Compact Single Retractable Clothesline

Moerman Compact Single Retractable ClotheslineThe Moerman Compact Single Retractable Clothesline is the perfect little line for single people or RV dwellers. This 8 foot line retracts into a high impact plastic case for use indoors or outdoors. The chrome plated case blends in with your home when not in use.
The dryer comes with all the hardware included. You will find your dryer and receiver bracket, four screws, and four plastic anchors for those of you who will be using a hollow spot on your wall. All you need is a pencil, a ruler, and a screwdriver or drill. Brianna can show you how to install and extend the Moerman Compact Single Retractable Clothesline in the video below:

Use the back of the dryer casing to plot how far apart you need your screws to go. When you screw in your screws, let them stick out just a bit. Place the large holes of the casing over the screws, then slide downward to secure it.
The receiver bracket screws vertically onto the opposite wall. Remember to place the large part of the center hole near the top. When you extend your clothesline, place the nib in the hole and slide downward to lock the nib in the small end of the hole. Simply remove the nib and walk it back to put your clothesline away.

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The Moerman 5-Line Retractable Clothesline

Moerman 5-Line Retractable ClotheslineThe Moerman 5-Line Retractable Clothesline boasts 60 feet of drying space in 5 lines that are 12 feet long each. Couples in small spaces will find this clothes dryer useful. It is also suitable outdoors, as its high impact plastic case protects the lines when you put them away.
The Moerman 5-Line comes with all hardware included. Brianna is here to show you how to install and use this clothesline in the video below:

Just use the holes in the back of the casing to plot where you wish to place your screws. Screw your screws into the wall, leaving them protruding slightly. Now just place your dryer over the screws and slide it down to lock it over them. On the opposite wall, screw in the screw hooks. For any screws that need it, you may use the provided plastic wall anchors.
To extend the lines, simply pull them and hook them onto the screw hooks. Tighten them by turning the knob on the side of the casing, and push it in to lock them taut. To put your lines away, first pull out the tension control knob to unlock, then unhook them and walk them back. Your lines will be clean and dry when you need them.

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The Moerman Dual Line Retractable Clothesline

Moerman Dual Line Retractable ClotheslineThe Moerman Dual Line Retractable Clothesline fits 2 lines into 1 convenient casing that can extend them at slightly different angles. The 49 foot lines total 98 feet of drying space and can easily handle two loads of laundry.
The pastel blue case is high impact plastic to protect PVC-coated polyester-core lines, creating an indoor/outdoor clothesline. You may choose a different length for each line if that is ideal for the shape of your space. Brianna would like to show you how to install and work with the Moerman Dual Line below:

The Moerman Dual Line is easy to assemble and comes with all hardware included. Just slide the mounting bracket off the dryer and screw it to the wall, then mount your dryer. Screw the screw hooks onto the opposite wall. When you extend your lines, each line has a separate cleat to keep it taut. When you’re finished and have let the lines back in, this dryer’s casing folds discreetly against the wall.

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The Household Essentials Pine Wood Folding Dryer

Household Essentials Wood Folding Dryer—Ready To AssembleThe Household Essentials Pine Wood Folding Dryer comes ready to assemble and ships compact, to save you money for a quality drying rack. The pine wood frame and 11 smooth vinyl coated dowels give nearly 24 feet of drying space to singles and couples in small living spaces, and even provides space to lay sweaters flat. Each piece of this dryer fits together with no tools required.
In the box you will find 2 identical wood frames and 11 dowels. You will notice that inside the wood frames are snaps for the dowels to fit onto. Simply snap 11 dowels onto one side, then attach the other, and you’re ready to expand your dryer. Unfold it from the floor and latch the top shelf onto the ends. It stores flat, too. In the video below, Brianna is here to guide you through the assembly of this easy going dryer:

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The Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Drying Rack

Household Essentials Tripod Clothes DryerThe Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Drying Rack is stable and free-standing on a tripod base. Its 3 branches can hold up to 36 garments on hangers, and the dryer is tall enough to hang full-length dresses and freshly-ironed clothes. A busy couple or family will find this tripod convenient to have standing ready.
Brianna is pleased to show you how the tripod clothes dryer works. The tripod dryer comes in two pieces that each open like an umbrella and snap in place. To assemble them, first align the arrows and slide them together. Then twist slightly to align the locking switch so you may lock it with your thumb. Your tripod is now ready and waiting for hangers.

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The Household Essentials Telescoping Wall Mount Drying Rack

Household Essentials Telescoping Wall Mount Drying RackThe Household Essentials Telescoping Wall Mount Drying Rack uses only 3 ¼ inches of your wall when not in use. When expanded, it can provide over 18 feet of drying space while extending only 14 ½ inches from the wall. It’s 7 lines are 31 ½ inches of plastic coated steel that won’t snag your clothes. This self-storing dryer is a space saver for single people, and is easy to install.
The dryer comes with all the hardware and a mounting template on the back of the box. All you need is a drill or screwdriver and a pencil. Once you have marked the locations of your screws, screw the two brackets directly onto the wall. Plastic wall anchors are provided if you need them. Then simply slide your dryer into the brackets from above. Brianna is pleased to showcase the Telescoping Wall Mount Drying Rack below:

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The Household Essentials Stackable Sweater Dryer

uclhestackablesweaterfixedThe Household Essentials Stackable Sweater Dryer allows any size family to lay their delicates and sweaters flat. The dryers stack and use vertical space, so you may have as many as you need. The plastic frame and open mesh allows even airflow and drip-drying.
The dryer is easy to assemble and comes with four rods and four feet for the corners. First, slide the first three rods through the sleeves in the mesh. Attach them to the four corners. Attach your last rod, then undo the velcro on the final side, drape it over the rod, and close. It’s that simple.
The Stackable Sweater Dryer is beautiful for drying handknits so you can wear your own work as often as you like. Any wardrobe with valuable sweaters will benefit from this dryer.
You can watch Brianna show you how to assemble the Stackable Sweater Dryer in the video below:

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The Household Essentials Portable Umbrella Dryer

Household Essentials Portable Umbrella Dryer with Tripod
The Household Essentials Portable Umbrella Dryer brings the space-efficiency of a rotary dryer indoors with tripod legs that are safe for your floor. Its portability means your household needs only one clothes dryer whether the weather is allowing you to hang laundry outdoors or making you stay in. This dryer has 3 sections of 6 lines and boasts 64 feet of drying space, enough for couples and families. The tripod width is adjustable to fit anywhere in use. Brianna is pleased to show you how to adjust this dryer:

The Portable Umbrella Dryer is pre-strung and easy to assemble with no tools required. It comes in two pieces, the base and the umbrella. To assemble the dryer, first push the center rod into the slider between the tops of the legs, which opens them. The umbrella rod slides over the base rod; compress the button in the base just below the leg joint and snap the hole in the umbrella rod over it.
Remove the cord that is keeping the umbrella shut, separate the arms, and slide the center of the umbrella up until it snaps. There is a convenient button above the lock that you just push to let the umbrella back down.
To adjust the width of your tripod, first loosen it by turning the handle on the side. As you adjust the tops of the legs up and down, they expand and contract. Once you are satisfied with your tripod, tighten the handle again. If you want a tripod dryer that works and stores anywhere, consider the Household Essentials Portable Umbrella Dryer.

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