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Extend the Life of Your Clothing

You paid good money for your clothing so I can see why you’d want to take good care of them. Even if you prefer casual day wear, any garment can benefit from the careful cleaning tips that are posted on Froodee right now. It’s even more important if you pay for brand names.
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Free E-Books List at Money Saving Mom

Free e-books! Get them while they’re free! The Money Saving Mom Team has compiled a list of free new e-books on housekeeping, recipes, and education for children. They’re Kindle books, but these days you can run a Kindle app in your web browser.
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Organize Your Kitchen Towels

There is a beauty in everything you can organize. A set of items like kitchen towels may seem unimportant. However, they are a part of your household, and they are yours. Coming to use them and finding them organized reminds you how much you value your home. And you can’t deny that it makes them more accessible, which is helpful for any item.
That’s why Clean Mama‘s post on organizing kitchen towels is worth reading. Plus, she makes another point: are you keeping too many?
Thanks for keeping us alert, Becky.

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Organize Your Closet in Style

An organized closet can be a stylish one. Indeed, organizing the space opens up the possibility that you will actually be able to see the beauty of the items you choose to organize it with. Ashley Phipps has picked out five beautiful but ingenius products and it showing them at Inspired Home.
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Repurpose an Old Sweater

If you want to get inspired to craft, look no further than the bottom of your sweater drawer. That sweater you don’t wear anymore? Stop thinking of it as a sweater. From now on, it’s quality material.
Because sweaters are thick and textured, a crafter can adapt the fabric into new forms that don’t look flimsy. You can even create strong, scissor-friendly felt by machine-washing a wool sweater.
Since your mind may be coming up with too many ideas to choose one, Jillee at One Good Thing has narrowed the possibilities down to twenty seven, including a few of her own.
Can’t choose just one…

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If Time Is Money, Perhaps Your Household Could Save Time

You get paid for your time. Maybe it’s time for you to start thinking in terms of time costing money. One Good Thing by Jillee has a whopping 40 suggestions of items and services to pay for that seem expensive, until you realize you could be either making more money or doing more valuable things with your time. The suggestions cover many different price points so you can decide which ones will save you and your family.
That’s a lot.

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Deep Clean Linens Safely with Baking Soda and Vinegar



By now you may be wishing you’d used high quality laundry detergent all along. Or you may be wishing you’d just given those sheets away instead of storing them in the garage. Whatever the reason, some clothing and linens can get so dirty that they don’t smell right even after a wash and dry.
Kate Simmons has a way to really clean them again. Soak your sheet in vinegar, water and dish soap for half an hour. Then put them in your washer on hot and on “heavy soil” with baking soda—no laundry detergent—making sure the bubbling action happens to the sheets, not before you add them. Dry; test with your nose; repeat if necessary. One way or another, those sheets are going to get clean.
More details and process at Decoist

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Save Money at Home: the Basics


Did they just say that?
“Saving money with solar isn’t just smart. It’s brilliant.”
I want to write a slogan like that.
That quote is of course from a solar panel company, Sunrun Home Solar Lease and Installation.
Of course they have practical things to say as guests on Raising Three Savvy Ladies. Click on for ways to save money at home before or in addition to considering alternative power. The simple list is a good source of ideas for further searches.
“It’s brilliant.”

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How to Clean a Car Seat and Yes You Want To

Everybody does this, so don’t feel ashamed: when a household item seems nearly impossible to clean, you may leave it for a long time. We try to ignore the fact that items that are hard to clean must be getting really dirty. But the seats in your car may be easier to clean than you think.
Becky of Clean Mama suggests photographing your car seat so that you won’t be afraid that you can’t put it back together after you clean it. Wash the cover gently in a washing machine and hang it to dry completely. Vacuum as much of the rest of the seat as you can, and of course disinfect hard parts.
If you want to know more about how dirty your car seat can get, check out the Huffington Post.
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8 DIY Bathroom Cleaners

Clean Mama Becky loves crawling the web, and I love this collection of bathroom cleaner recipes she has concocted. I also love how many different blogs she sources to make sure she is applying the best knowledge for any reader’s home. These homemade recipes vary in strength, toxicity, and purpose.
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