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7 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Closet



If you are like most people then you probably have a lot of organizing and declutter that needs to be addressed. One of the main problems is knowing where to start and how to begin. Clutter is definitely not your friend. Clutter leads to disorganization, which can and does lead to stress and an overall lowering of one’s quality of life. Avoiding clutter is a must. For most people, that means tackling areas such as the garage and closets. Let’s take a look at some of the leading ways that you can get your closet organized and decluttered so that you can improve your quality of life.


1. Take Inventory


Before any discussion of closet organizing specifics, tips and tricks, we truly do have to start with the basics. When it comes to organizing your closet, you’ll want to begin by taking inventory of what is actually in your closet. Start thinking about what you want to keep, what you want to store somewhere else and what you need to get rid of immediately! Most people have at least a little “pack rat” in them, and that means you likely have stuff you don’t need cluttering up your home and, in particular, your closets.


The time you spend deciding what to keep and what to donate or store elsewhere will be time well spent. Trying to keep too much stuff is likely part of what created your closet clutter in the first place. So get rid of the clothing you don’t wear in one way another sell it, donate it or give it away but whatever you do, don’t keep any clothing or other items you are not using in your closet. Conquer this step and you’re truly ready for the decluttering big leagues!


  1. Install More Shelves

Walk in closet or wardrobe

No doubt this tip sounds simple and it is. But this tip is also the cheapest and most effective route towards achieving greater and long lasting decluttering. Most closets don’t have enough shelving. If you think you have enough shelving, you are probably wrong. Older homes are notorious for lacking shelving. Even newer homes and apartments can be lacking in this territory. You know how you want to live and you know your lifestyle. That, of course, also means that you can look at your closet and your “this stays” pile and get a pretty good idea of where you might need some extra shelves. Now the next step is to use shelving to maximize every square inch of the closet wall space. If you have a few inches to spare, “shelve it!” Even reality small shelves will get used and be useful once you begin living with them on a daily basis. Conquering clutter has many parts and shelving is one of your greatest tools.


  1. Shoe Racks Solve Headaches


When it comes to great closet decluttering tools, it is pretty hard to beat the simple, but oh-so-effective shoe rack. Multi-level shoe racks are, in fact, the best. Look for shoe racks that are three levels high or even higher. Don’t worry about losing some floor space, unless you only have a couple of pairs of shoes. You will easily regain your floor space once you slide in a shoe rack!


  1. Hooks, Hooks and More Hooks


Adding a little extra closet space can often be as simple, easy and inexpensive as installing a few coat hooks. This tips is often overlooked, but it’s a winner. A word of caution: don’t go overboard on this tip. The end result is that your closet will begin to look and feel cluttered, just in a different way. After all, you don’t want to walk into your closet only to feel as though you are totally surrounded by your stuff.


  1. Slide-in Baskets and Narrow Laundry Baskets are a Real Space Saver


The idea that a closet decluttering has to be an expensive affair is just plain wrong, wrong, wrong. Slide-in baskets and narrow laundry baskets are an easy way to store items such as sweaters, sweatpants and sweatshirts and do so on the cheap.


Of course, such a method doesn’t allow for instant identification of items, but this approach is a great way to organize bulkier, less used items that you don’t have to worry about wrinkling. Organizing items that don’t wrinkle easily with items that do wrinkle easily can often lead to the lose of precious “prime” closet organizing real estate. Follow this cheap and easy tip and you’ll be rewarded!


  1. Considering Adding a Closet Hanging Rod


Another pro-tip is to simply add another rod. Many organizing experts simply add a second lower rod below an existing rod. This approach works very well when combined with pants folded across coat hangers. Use this tip, and you’ll suddenly feel as though you’ve doubled your closet space and done so on the cheap.


7. Stackable Boxes Can Work Wonders

decoration and design of modern wardrobe

A few stackable and labeled boxes can work wonders for reducing closet clutter. Like the other tips in this article, this declutter tip is cheap, easy, quick to implement and works!


By following these tips you’ll achieve a new level of closet organization. A well organized closet is about more than looks, as it is also about function. A well organized closet can help you save time and reduce stress. So explore your options today!

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