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Living on the Cheap: Saving Money at Home

Frugal living at home is the best way to be able to afford that vacation in a few months, or to take your family to that fancy restaurant next week. Not only will cutting back on expenses at home help you to save money, but it will help you to reduce energy costs, teach your children wise money-handling habits, and keep your home in working condition for years to come. Here are some nifty ways to save money at home:

Hang to Dry – The dryer is the most useless appliance in your home, and it’s just raising your gas and electric bill. It’s best to use a clothesline to hang clothes, especially during the spring and autumn months. Hang clothes later in the afternoon during the summer, and only consider using a dryer if your winter months are very cold or rainy.

Get Rid of Frill Foods – Do you really need to serve your family chicken nuggets for dinner, or could you whip up a healthier meal in the same amount of time using natural, healthy ingredients? Too many families rely on instant meals, but they will be bad for your health as well as for your wallet. Buy raw ingredients, and cook meals for much less.

Consider Your Appliances – Is it absolutely necessary to have a TV and a computer in every room? Not only will it make it harder for your kids to sleep, but you’ll find that you’ll use a lot more power. Keep your electric bill low by reducing the extra appliances, and only keep what you really need.

Switch to Gas – Using a gas heater may not be as safe as using an electric one, but it will cut costs drastically. Switching over to a gas boiler and water heater will also be cheaper, and the same goes for using a gas stove. If it can be powered by cheaper natural gas, consider switching.

Spend Time Together – When your family members are in three or four different rooms, all of the lights and appliances in those rooms will be on. The best way to keep your electric bill low is to spend more time together. By being in the same room, you’ll just have one set of lights and one AC unit running at all times.

Decorate Cheaply – Decorating can be expensive, especially if your family has costly tastes. Find ways to decorate cheaply, such as using printed out pictures in fancy frames, making DIY decorations, and buying nifty little trinkets from Goodwill or the Salvation Army stores.

Reduce Waste – If you throw away a lot of food, you’re throwing your money into the trash. Try and reduce the amount of food that you cook, as it will help to reduce the amount of food that sits in the fridge as leftovers. Not only will fewer leftovers mean less energy needed to keep your fridge cool, but you’ll spend less on your weekly shopping as well. If you’re ready to find out how an indoor clothesline can change your way of living for the better, simply contact us so we can help you pick the product that is perfect for your needs.

Posted by Lana R. Deweese April 16, 2013 at 8:28 PM under Clotheslines and Laundry Environment