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The 5 Psychological Benefits of Decluttering



Decluttering is your friend and, to be blunt, is nothing short of awesome. If you’ve never before experienced the wonders and joys of getting rid of your clutter then you are in for a real treat! Decluttering really can change your life and for the better.


The simple fact is that decluttering can and will suck up a great deal of valuable time. In the “old days” decluttering was a bit simpler than in the modern era.


Decluttering meant that you donated, recycled, organized or tossed out things no longer had any worth or value, such as old paperwork. However, storing digital information did serve to complicate matters a bit. Today, decluttering one’s computer is a major concern. Our smartphones, computers and other digital devices all contribute to a sense of chaos.


Clutter may have become more complicated and involved but the benefits of decluttering are the same as they ever were. Let’s take a look at the five psychological benefits you’ll experience when you start to say goodbye to the mess.


Benefit #1-Stress Reduction

Stress is an unavoidable fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you can be proactive and find ways to reduce your stress. Some of the stress we face is fixed or virtually fixed, for example, going to work, sitting in traffic, waiting in life and so on. Yet there are steps you can take to distress and one of those steps is to declutter your workspace and your home.

ache-19005_640It is stressful to have too much stuff sitting around and getting in your way. Clutter makes simple tasks more difficult and that triggers a stress response. Many of your old items are tied to things you find stressful or unpleasant bad memories. So why are you still holding on to this stuff? As it turns, out decluttering is a great stress reliever. It can provide a tremendous sense of relief.


Benefit #2-Improves Your Focus


Improving your focus can improve your life and mental health in a variety of ways. Clutter is amazing distracting. Now you may believe that your clutter no longer distracts you, but think again! Once you’ve removed it from your life, you will notice the difference.


You may think that those stuffed overflowing file cabinets or boxes in your workspace are not impacting you in any way, but the truth is that they can contribute to an overall sense of frustration and distraction.


With greater focus, you’ll be able to tackle jobs both large and small with less stress and greater efficiency. The benefits of greater focus are surprisingly diverse, for example, greater focus can lead to everything from promotions at work to tackling chorus at home to starting a new business, going back school and on and on.


The list of ways that greater focus can improve your life is almost endless. Embrace a decluttering mindset and you will see an impressive difference.


Benefit #3-A Sense of Accomplishment


Looking around at a cluttered home or workspace can be depressing. Clutter often makes us feel as though we have failed to accomplish something important. By contrast, however, decluttering can infuse one with a real sense of accomplishment.


After all, many of us putting off decluttering because it can be unpleasant. The longer you’ve waited to get rid of your old stuff, the more unpleasant it may be. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tackle it head on.


Since we spend almost every day in our home or work spaces, the psychological benefits of decluttering can be surprisingly profound. The next time you feel as though you are not accomplishing what you want to accomplish, try getting rid of unnecessary items. You’ll feel better and you’ll enjoy the other diverse benefits that decluttering has to offer!


Benefit #4-Improves Your Environment

Much of your clutter is, in fact, unhealthy in nature. Many products that we are accustomed to having in our homes are toxic, degas harmful chemicals, collect dust that harms indoor air quality and more. Sadly, clutter can be more than ugly or unpleasant, as it can even be harmful.  If you want a very easy way to improve your indoor air quality and, in turn, improve your physical and mental health, then consider saying goodbye to items you never use or need.

living-room-457793_640Just remember that when you start moving around items that have remained untouched for weeks, months, years or even longer that a lot of potentially harmful dust may be released.

With this mind keep windows open, HVAC systems on if possible and leave areas if you start feeling ill, coughing or sneezing.


Benefit #5-Boosts Your Mood


If you want a quick mood booster, then decluttering is the answer. Now it is important to note decluttering may feel stressful while you are actually doing it, but hang in there! Once you have your space organized, you’ll feel much better. Most people like having organized living and workspaces. Consider the work you put into achieving such a space a gift to your future self’s mood and well being.


A good rule of thumb is that if it’s not something you really need or that’s currently making you happy when you see it, it’s time to say goodbye.


Embrace Decluttering for a Better You


Above all else, never lose sight of the fact that decluttering isn’t a waste of your time. It will actually return far more time to you than you lose. In the end not only will you gain time, but you will also reap considerable mental and emotional benefits as well. Decluttering may be a difficult or even a little stressful, but it is also your friend.

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