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Using an Outdoor Retractable Clothesline – Top Tips for Softer Clothing

Using an outdoor retractable clothesline is wonderful for saving energy and hanging clothing outdoors gives clothing a wonderful, fresh smell. However, one complaint that many people have is that this method often leaves clothing feel stiff instead of soft and comfortable. To ensure your clothing is nice and soft when you bring it in from the clothesline, here are a few important tips you should follow.

Tip #1 – Purchase Top Quality Clothespins

Clothespins are important when you plan to hang clothes outdoors. Avoid purchasing cheap clothespins. Investing in top quality clothespins will help ensure you get the softest clothing possible. Quality clothespins should not leave marks on clothing and should be sturdy enough to allow you to use as few clothespins on clothes as possible. The more clothespins you use the more creases you may have on clothing.

Tip #2 – Shake Clothes Well

Before you hang clothing out to dry, make sure you shake each item out well. Shaking helps get rid of wrinkles in the clothes. You’ll also find that shaking each item well before hanging will help ensure clothing is as soft as possible when done drying.

Tip #3 – Avoid Leaving Clothing out Too Long

It’s also important to avoid leaving clothing out on the line too long. Clothing should only be left out until nearly dry to ensure maximum softness. Bring clothes inside and hang for the last few minutes of drying time for the best results.

Tip #4 – Don’t Put Clothes Directly in the Sun

Many people think that they should hang clothes up in direct sun for the best results. While direct sunlight may help clothes dry more quickly, direct sunlight can lead to stiffness in the clothing. Direct sunlight may also fade darker items, which is something you want to avoid. Although you want a bit of sunlight on the clothes, dry to hang clothing in areas that are night directly in the sun.

Tip #5 – Hang Clothing Carefully

Hanging clothing carefully will also help you enjoy softer clothing, even when drying clothes on a line outdoors. For tops and shirts, it’s best to hang them by the garment’s hem. For jeans, skirts and pants, hang from the waistband. This helps reduce wrinkling and improves softness.

Tip #6 – Clean Clothespins Carefully

Clothespins can easily become dirty and you don’t want to use dirty clothespins on clean clothes. Make sure you clean clothespins after each use and ensure they are clean before you use them to fasten clothes to the line.

Tip #7 – Quality Fabric Softener is Essential

Soft clothing begins with good fabric softener. If you aren’t using quality softener in the wash, you will probably have a tough time keeping clothing soft out on the line. Spend a bit more for a top quality fabric softener and you’ll find that clothing ends up softer.

Tip #8 – Hang Clothing where it gets a Nice Breeze

Last, hanging clothes where they get a nice breeze while on the clothesline is important. The breeze is what helps to dry clothing quickly while keeping them soft. Position your retractable clothesline in an area that gets a nice breeze for the softest clothing.If you are ready to learn more on clothesline simply contact us for more details on how to get started.

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