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Time and Money Saving Laundry Ideas

Doing laundry work has never been an easy task this chore can be tedious and time consuming at times. The best method you can use to handle laundry tasks is doing it from the beginning to the end. The dreaded task is hanging the attire in clothesline, folding and putting them away. Here are some of the money and time saving laundry tips that may help you.

1. Teach your family on importance of sorting out clothes.

When your family learns of the importance of sorting out clothes, a lot of time will be saved. Teach your kids where to place their dirty clothes based on colors. Put labeled hampers in a strategic position and they will be able to put each cloth where it belongs. However, ensure there is a special place where stained attire is put. Use clothes drying rack to hang clothes that require special attention. This will help in saving you of time which could be used to sort out clothes of different colors mixed together.

2. Get organized during laundry day.

You can ensure that your clothes drying rack is in order.
Make sure there are enough laundry hampers to enable you handle different types and colors of clothes. This helps in making you’re washing chores less tedious.

3. Buy easy to care for clothes

When buying clothes, make you get ones that are easy to care for. Permanent press attire is the most preferable. If dry cleaning is within your budget, you can ensure your clothes are made. Also, wearing clothes many times between washing will help save you washing time and money in the form of detergents. If dry cleaning, you will have reduced the amount you will use for the service. Wash towels once in 2 weeks and bed linens once a week.

4. Install a chute

This helps save time especially when the laundry room is located on the lower floors. All dirty and stained clothes are transported to the lower floors by gravity thus saving time that could be used to move the clothes to the lower stair. However, it’s good that you make the chute long enough and attach it firmly to the wall and floor.

5. Choose efficient detergents

There are many time saving washing products which you can choose. For example, you can opt for fabric softeners which will help in cutting down the amount of wrinkles which the clothes will have. This reduces the pressing time by more than half.

6. Reduce drying time

Some clothes such as pants and shirts can be removed from the dryer when they are no longer very damp and this will reduce the need for ironing. You can remove and put them in indoor clothesline. While doing this, make sure you hang the shirts using hangers broad enough to support the shoulders.
Clip the pants upside down from the retractable clothesline indoor. Indoor clothesline at different heights makes it easier to put away cleaner clothes.
They will also double the capacity of your closet. There are many types of clothes drying rack which you can invest in and which can help make your laundry work a little easier. Shop at Urban Clotheslines and contact us today.

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