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Spooky Hanging Hallowe’en Decorations

If you live in northern climes where it is getting too cold to hang dry your laundry outside, don’t give up on your clothesline yet. It’s almost Hallowe’en, and for some reason, scary things float or hang. Many 3D clothes dryers such as folding frames will hold artificial cobwebs. Hanging Hallowe’en items can get as gross or as classical as you like.

    I like the idea of ghosts:

  • They are light colored enough to show up at night.
  • They blow in the wind.
  • They might even make your rotary clothesline rotate. You could add a temporary weathervane to the center to make it rotate more easily.

DIY Hallowe’en decor that hangs and won’t be ruined outside should be all over the web by now. I’ll start you with these absolutely ominous heads-on-sheets ghosts by Ashley Phipps.
Floating Head Hanging Ghosts - Copyright Ashley Phipps, Simply Designing
Do you have any ideas or pics of hanging decor using laundry lines?
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A 10-Step Process to Choosing a Paint Color

Thinking of painting a room soon? You could pick a color on the fly, but Virgina at LiveLoveDIY suggests you slow down and take steps to think about it. Assessing your tastes based on your favorite eye candy, then trying out samples, are just part of the process of making sure the color you choose is one you will love longer.
Stop and read it

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Basement Demolition

As a clothes hanging household member, you may be savvy in other areas of housekeeping, like home improvement. In that case, LiveLoveDIY is working on a blog series regarding a full basement renovation in progess. I’ll send you to the first post of the bunch, which is wonderfully messy.
Meet Virginia

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Create a Temporary Folding Table from a Quality Laundry Rack


Hello crafty readers. If you need an extra space to keep your half-finished projects, Noreen Crone-Findlay suggests adding a cardboard or plywood surface to a sturdy folding clothes drying rack for a temporary table. This is a great way to keep scrapbooks or Warhammer games out without occupying your furniture, and it folds away when you’re done. Now you don’t need to go out and buy a new folding table.
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Organize a Home Creatively with Tension Rods

Whether you have a small living space or just a disorganized one, organizing your home usually requires creative problem solving. Using vertical space adds storage, but did you think of finding even more storage in existing places such as inside cupboards? Good Housekeeping has found 13 ways to increase and organize storage with inexpensive tension rods.
And so many helpful bloggers too!

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