15 Top Laundry Tips Designed for Stressed Out Moms


Laundry is one of those things in life that many of us simply “do” and rarely think much about how to improve. That is part of the reason that this article is an important one for moms who are tackling this never-ending activity.


There may not be any escaping laundry, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tips that can help you improve the results that you see from your laundry duties. If you’re a mom or a dad, then you already know that having children certainly makes the laundry process much more intimidating. Even the smallest items of toddler clothes add up to a lot of extra work.  This is especially true when you consider how fast your kids manage to do something that gets their clothes dirty all over again.



The time you invest in making your laundry time more efficient is definitely time well spent. The fifteen tips and tricks outlined in this article are designed to help you improve your laundry results while at the same time infusing a little more life and fun into the laundry process.


Thinking that there isn’t much room for improving your old and tired laundry routine? Think again as we have fifteen awesome tips and tricks that will brighten up not just your clothing, but your laundry time as well! This article includes links to a bunch of great sites with interesting ideas as well as numerous tips that can help you transform your average laundry day experience.


It’s the start to a New Year, and the perfect time to get excited about laundry!


Tip One-Let’s Get Really Organized


One of the easiest ways to make laundry time a little more fun and less time consuming is to get organized; after all, do you really want to spend more time doing laundry?


Organizing your laundry room makes everything you do a little easier and a little faster. Instead of lugging huge tubs of liquid fabric softener and detergent store those liquids in smaller, and easier to use, containers.


While this tip might not seem like a “big deal” you’ll be surprised how much time this tip saves you. Additionally, this tip will help keep your laundry area neater as you’ll reduce those irritating, and rather sticky, spills.


Tip Two-Liven Up Your Laundry with a Cute Laundry Hamper


Part of what makes doing laundry often seem like such a chore is that laundry isn’t just smelly, but it can be unpleasant to look at as well. Laundry hampers aren’t exactly known for being pretty, but there are some easy fixes for that.


You could try making a laundry hamper out of your favorite pillowcase for your kid’s room. It’s the perfect decoration to hang on a closet. You’ll save money and can have a fun time personalizing your festive pillow case at the same time.


Check out the how-to over at Makezine.

(Photo credit: Makezine)


Tip Three-Don’t Let Your Laundry Overflow


Laundry scattered about causes a sense of disorganization. Overflowing laundry hampers are an eyesore and just add to the general unpleasantness we often associate with doing laundry.


So why not “go big” and have a huge laundry hamper? And you can make one that rarely overflows because it is the perfect size. Here is an interesting DIY laundry hamper project that is easy and inexpensive.


Home Depot has a large laundry hamper project you’ll love. Best of all, this DIY laundry hamper is very inexpensive, meaning you can have several if you like! (Photo credit: Home Depot)


Tip Four-Make Your Own Laundry Soap


Like laundry itself, laundry soap doesn’t receive too much attention. Unless laundry soap causes a rash or smells weird, most of us never give laundry soap a second thought.


However, laundry soap can be packed with harmful chemicals and additives that are bad both for the planet and humans.


There are many easy to make and eco-friendly laundry detergent recipes available on the Internet. One idea is to simply take bar soap, grate it and add washing soda, borax and essential oils.


Follow this link at Wellness Mama to find a how-to on making your own easy and cheap laundry soap. You’ll find that making your own laundry soap can be a fun activity that kids love! This tip should be in every mom’s “rainy day activity bucket!”

Photo credit: Wellness Mama


Tip Five-Replace Sheets with Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls


While dryer sheets may make your clothing softer, they are a form of unregulated air pollution. In fact, they are bad for the planet, as they often use harmful chemicals. When it comes down to it, dryer sheets are an unnecessary expense.


So skip the sheets and instead opt for wool dryer balls. Dryer balls work rather well and will consistently fluff up your laundry! Studies also show that they can reduce your dryer time by up to 25% and, much like using clotheslines, that means you’ll cut down on your electricity usage. Plus dryer balls reduce static electricity and wrinkles as well.

This link at Memo will give you some ideas and inspirations for creating your own dryer balls.

Photo credit: Memo.

Tip Six-Cut Down on Dryer Noise


A noisy dryer is a maddening thing. Every mom knows that there are times you have no choice but to put your shoes or your kid’s shoes in the dryer, which can be rather irritating to listen to. It often sounds like your dryer is about to explode!


One easy way around this is to buy a special dryer bag to cut down on the noise. These dryer bags are inexpensive and will serve to protect your other clothing.

Photo credit: Amazon





Tip Seven-Opt for an Eco-Friendly Clothesline


It should come as no surprise that we firmly believe that clotheslines are a true winner when it comes to laundry tips.

They lower your carbon footprint, save you tons of money and have numerous other benefits, such as reducing the risk of a house fire. Our site has lots of clothesline ideas, tips and products.

Check out this page for a comprehensive refresher on why we love clotheslines so much.



Tip Eight-A Drying Shelf


In addition to using a clothesline, consider using a drying shelf. A drying shelf allows you to dry your clothing flat and has many of the benefits of a clothesline.


When you are not using your drying shelf, you can simply slide it out of the way if you build it in the right away. Here is a free plan from Sawdust Girl for making your own pull out sweeter drying rack.

Photo credit: Sawdust Girl
Tip Nine-Laundry Pedestals


An organized laundry room is one that feels calming and makes the whole experience of doing laundry a lot more pleasant. Messes anywhere in the house can be a source of stress, but there is something particularly irritating about messy laundry rooms.


A laundry pedestal is a nice way to get organized. It stores clothing and raises your machine off the ground. The only big problem with laundry pedestals is that they can be expensive, in fact, they are comically expensive considering what they really are.


So why not build your own and literally save hundreds of dollars? Click here for a great DIY pedestal plan.

Photo credit: Just a Girl Blog

Tip Ten-White Chalk and Stains


Every mom knows just what a headache stains can be, and this is especially true for stains on kid’s clothing. Luckily, simply using white chalk can help remove some of the toughest stains. As a mother, we’re sure you have lots of chalk around so start putting it to good use.


Simply rub white chalk over grease stains before washing. The chalk absorbs the stain while in the wash, and the stain comes right out. Try this tip, you’ll love it!


Tip Eleven-Making Laundry Time Fun Time for Your Kids


Many hands can get a job done much quicker, so why not bring your kids into the laundry equation? The trick is to make laundry as fun as possible. Often children love sorting clothing and putting clothing in their rooms.


For younger children, this activity makes them feel more grown up. You will be surprised how eager your children are to help out.


Tip Twelve-Laundry Baskets in Your Closets


Keeping dirty clothing out of sight is one way to take some of the sting out of laundry. Mom’s know that kids will literally leave dirty clothes almost anywhere and everywhere.


Hanging laundry baskets are an easy way to keep dirty clothing both out of sight and organized. If you want to see an example of a hanging laundry basket in action, then head over to this link.

Photo credit: Whorl


Tip Thirteen-The Solution for Dryers that Shrink Your Clothing

Dryers will shrink clothing; this is just an unfortunate fact of life. (Of course, this is yet another reason that you should strongly consider clotheslines!) But almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of accidentally drying a much-loved article of clothing, only to find that it ends up way too tight and uncomfortable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.18.09 PM

However, there is a way to fix this problem. Try pouring baby shampoo and warm water into the sink, then let the items sit in the sink for a few minutes. The reason this tip works is that it helps the fibers in the clothing relax.


Next, squeeze the water out of a single article of clothing and lay that item on a towel. Roll up the towel, put the article of clothing on a dry towel and let it air dry. You’ll find that the clothing will often return to its original size once it has air dried.


Tip Fourteen-Dirty Toys in the Washer?


The washer may seem like an odd place for toys, but for some toys it is the perfect solution. Just be sure to use only cold water. Never use hot water as it could damage toys or release chemicals from the toys.


Many toys that may seem like they can’t be washed, such as Legos, can be easily washed with the help of a laundry bag. Drop the toys in a laundry bag and add a little soap. Afterwards, allow the now clean toys to air dry.


Dirty toys don’t necessarily have to stay that way. Use this tip on a case by case basis and your kids’ toys will stay much cleaner.


Tip Fifteen-Make Small and Moderate Repairs to Your Laundry Room


Are you stuck in a “laundry dungeon?” You are not alone. Around the world moms find themselves stuck in laundry dungeons.


Due to the noise and mess, laundry rooms are often tucked away in unfinished, spider web riddled basements and even garages. Of course, this issue only adds to the overall unpleasantness of doing laundry.


One solution is to step back and evaluate your laundry room. Look for easy and inexpensive ways to boost the appeal of your laundry room. Filling in cracks, adding a coat of pain or considering a drop ceiling in unfinished basement areas are all excellent examples of how quick and easy upgrades can improve your basement.


Transform Your Laundry Experience


Added together, these fifteen tips can truly transform your laundry experience. The idea that laundry has to be a painful experience is not an idea that moms should simply accept.


There is no time like the present for improving your laundry experience. Whether it is tackling the noise of laundry or getting your laundry space more organized, there are many ways to improve this part of your life.



Create Your Own Laundry List


Consider writing down a list of all the things that bother you about doing laundry. Once you have your list in hand, look for ways to reduce the stress and irritation associated with doing laundry.


With a little planning, you’ll find that you can definitely transform your laundry experience. In the end, laundry will likely never be the highlight of your day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make laundry time a little less of a chore. Go ahead and free yourselves from the laundry dungeon and come into the light!

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