5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Water Consumption

Земной шар как источник пресной воды

The recent yearlong drought in California has lots of people not just in the United States, but also around the globe looking for new ways to reduce water consumption. Fresh water is a precious resource. But let’s face it; fresh water hasn’t always been treated that way. All of that is set to change in the coming years. Environmental scientists are declaring very clearly that the planet is under considerable stress. Our resources are being strained, but there are steps you can take today to help reduce water consumption.

By reducing the amount of water you use, you are both helping the planet and your own bank account. Water bills are likely to become increasingly expensive. Making changes now will help you get ready for those increasing prices. You’ll be well equipped to weather any financial storms that might come your way!

Water Reducing Tip One-Low Flow Toilets

toiletToilets can use a tremendous amount of water. One easy way to reduce your water consumption is to invest in a low flow toilet. A low flow toilet still gets the job done, but uses far less energy than a standard toilet. Another way to save water is to simply flush your toilet less. Flushing your toilet a few times per week is enough to make a difference.

Part of what makes a low flow toilet an attractive option is that they are relatively inexpensive and work very well. The old idea that a toilet must sound like a jet engine taking off just isn’t accurate. The modern toilet has most definitely been reinvented. You’ll love the difference.

Water Reducing Tip Two-Deal with Dripping Faucets

faucetA dripping faucet might not initially seem like that big of a deal, but a dripping faucet is always dripping. Twenty-four hours a day of dripping adds up to a lot of wasted water. Most of the time, repairing a dripping faucet is a quick and easy process. However, even if you need to replace a faucet you’ll enjoy immediate cost savings. If you have several dripping faucets in your house, taking steps to fix those faucets can save a tremendous amount of water on a annual basis. Besides, just imagine how wonderful it will be not to hearing running water constantly!


Water Reducing Tip Three-A Low Flow Shower Head & Shorter Showers

showerInstalling a low flow showerhead can dramatically reduce your water consumption. Showers tend to use a lot of water, but you do have an alternative in the form of a low flow showerhead. The cost of a low flow showerhead is quite reasonable and you’ll have the added bonus of knowing you’re doing something great to help the environment.

In addition to installing a low flow showerhead, consider taking shorter showers. Just opting to take one shorter shower per week will help reduce your water consumption. If possible, eliminate showering one day a week. You might just find that there are side benefits such as less instances of feeling like your skin is dried out and even reduced spending on things like soap!

Water Reducing Tip Four-A Low Water Use Lawn

Lavender Flowers & ButterflyIn the coming years, low water consumption lawns are going to be quite popular, so why not become a pioneer? Grass may look nice, but it uses up a great deal of water. Opting for low water consumption plants for your yard is a significant water saving tip!

Here are some hearty yard plants and trees that look great and use very little water: lavender, shrubs, juniper, chokecherry, and white oak. These are just a few of the options to consider, and you’ll find that they are just as colorful and beautiful as the alternatives. Remember that the amount of water used by grass is substantial. Switching out a percentage of your grass yard for low water use plants, shrubs and trees is a great place to start.

Regardless of what kind of plants you have, try to group your plants together by water requirements. In this way, the water you do use will be used much more efficiently. Also a layer of organic mulch goes a very long way in preserving moisture levels. A couple of inches of strategically placed mulch can save a hundreds of gallons of water annually.

Finally, only water your lawn when it truly needs it. Overwatering your lawn is nothing more than wasting water.

Water Reducing Tip Five-A New Approach to Your Washing Machine

washer and dryerWhen it comes to using water around the house, the washing machine is a major consumer. The larger your family may be, the more laundry you have to do, and that means a lot of water. Clearly, you need clean clothes, but by only doing full loads you can be sure that you’ll waste as little water as possible.

A full washing machine should make you happy, as it lets you know that you are taking a prudent step in saving water. The fact that most households do hundreds of loads of laundry every year makes Water Reducing Tip Five one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Combine these tips and do so consistently, and over the course of a year, you’ll save a tremendous amount of money. By being creative and thinking through your water usage issues, you can save both a tremendous amount water and see huge financial savings as well. All of us have to work together to preserve our precious water resources. Implement these five tips and you’ll know that you are contributing to preserve precious water resources.

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