Can The fight Against Clothes Line Bans Really Be Won?

I found a recent excellent article in the BBC News magazine by Tom Geoghegan, that discussed the whole issue were are facing here in the US with clothes line bans.

Here is a brief piece of the article which can be found in full at

laundry on the clothes line

For decades, the clothes line has had an image problem in the US but, ahead of a rally to highlight the benefits of natural drying, is it about to be reclaimed?

There is a new protest movement sweeping the US and at its heart are two sticks and a piece of string.

Upon the humble clothes line, a battle line has been drawn that embodies a uniquely American clash of ideas about class, liberty and the environment.

Rules imposed by community associations and landlords forbid tens of millions of home owners to dry their washing outside because, they say, it’s unsightly and even lowers property prices.

But a number of clothes line rebels have risked legal action by disobeying these rules, saying it is the duty of Americans to reduce
their carbon footprint and leave their energy-hungry tumble dryers idle.

This Sunday their supporters will make their feelings known by holding a rally in Concord, New Hampshire to promote line drying.

These unlikely dissenters come in all ages and from all backgrounds. After moving to Witney Ridge in Pennsylvania nearly three
years ago, Deborah Brensinger, a 55-year-old nurse, immediately began hanging her clothes in her back yard.

“Our government is trying to encourage working with the environment and doing things to cut down electricity, yet here’s
something totally free.

“I get to see my neighbours, it’s clean and it smells good. It’s a contemplative practice. I don’t rush it, I enjoy it. It relieves
stress. You can do it leisurely at your own pace, in a world that’s so fast-paced.”

What are your thoughts on clothes line bans here in the US? It pretty clear we love clothes lines, however we just cant understand why they need to be banned and why so many HOA are on board.

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