Choosing People-Friendly and Planet-Friendly Clothing

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The kind of clothing you select does make a difference. In our day-to-day lives, it is easy to not think about who makes our clothing, where it comes from and what materials have went into the creation of our clothing. More than ever there are options for those looking for eco-friendly clothing options.


These clothing options are good for both the planet and for people alike. Trailblazing companies have embraced a future that is dedicated to providing customers with eco-friendly and people-friendly options. Let’s take a look at some of the best sustainable clothing options available.


Recycling, Repurposing and Reusing


Nothing beats recycling, repurposing and reusing old clothing. If your clothing is still in good shape. then don’t throw it away, instead find new life for your clothing. Clothing that no longer fits you can be a stellar find for someone else.


Donating or consigning your old furniture is a way to help the planet. Few steps are greener than taking something old and keeping it in circulation. This reduces your carbon footprint, as old clothing requires no new material, no new manufacturing and no expenditure of energy.


Don’t Overlook the Tremendous Value of Vintage


shoe browsing in a thrift storeVintage clothing also falls into the category of recycling, repurposing and reusing. Many fashion experts feel that vintage clothing is very tough to beat. Vintage clothing has not only stood the test of time. but is also like wearing a little piece of history.


Recycled Clothing


While on the topic of recycling. why not consider recycled clothing? Recycled clothing is an idea that is really going to catch on in the future; after all, recycled clothing has a lot going for it.


Recycled clothing, as the name indicates, takes old clothing and gives in a new and very exciting new look and life. If you are interested in recycled clothing then you’ll want to check out Dirtball at The innovative minds over at Dirtball have created made in the USA recycled clothing that is eco-friendly and looks great at the same time.

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From t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies to jeans, shorts, pants and even kids clothing. you’ll find 100% made in the USA recycled clothing at Dirtball. Clothing is made from recycled cotton, recycled polyester and recycled plastic water bottles.


Dirtball even has jeans. Their Green Jeans are made from 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester so they are designed to be tougher than your average pair of blue jeans. Hopefully more companies will embrace this trend of turning waste, such as water bottles, into something usable.



Organic Cotton

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Organic cotton is a winner for a range of reasons. One of the big benefits of organic cotton is that it does not use harmful pesticides in its production. That stated, organic cotton does have some drawbacks.

For example organic cotton requires a great deal of water, yet organic cotton is definitely a better choice for the planet and your body than standard cotton.


Hemp Clothing

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One very interesting hemp clothing company is Rawganique. Rawganique takes organically grown USA and European fibers that are free of pesticides and chemicals and makes everything from clothing to sheets and even footwear. Rawganique even has hemp jeans, organic cotton jeans and handmade hemp shoes such as their Hemp Sneaker Boots and Unisex Long Beach Hemp Sports Shoes.

All Rawganique products are made by artisans in the USA, Europe and Canada and are paid above-average salaries. Learn more by visiting

Hemp is a very tough fabric and it requires very little in the way of pest control and will grow with low amounts of fertilizer. As a result, hemp is a great clothing choice for those looking for a planet friendly clothing option. Many feel that hemp is easily superior to cotton clothing. Hemp clothing is free of pesticides, and it is possible to find products that are chemical free and made in a responsible fashion. Quite often, clothing is manufactured with harmful compounds, such as formaldehyde, but with hemp clothing, it is possible to skip such concerns.


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When you are looking for healthy and eco-friendly clothing choices, consider using Etsy. You might pay a little bit more but you’ll also know that you’re supporting the creator of original and sustainable clothing.


Etsy is full of small manufacturers and artisans who are looking to provide consumers with often one-of-a-kind clothing options. With just a small amount of research, you can use Etsy to find clothing made from the materials we’ve discussed in this article.


Fair trade


Fair trade products aim to promote sustainability while at the same time promote a higher level of environmental and social standards. The idea is to provide producers of goods with a fairer price for their goods. Goods such as chocolate, fruits and other foods often earn a fair trade label, and it is possible to find fair trade clothing as well. It is estimated that there are currently 75,000+ cotton farmers in developing countries who have fair trade certification.


Planet Friendly Clothing That You’ll Look Great Wearing


There are more ways than ever to find durable, well made and stylish eco-friendly and people-friendly clothing. Companies such as Rawganique are providing customers with clothing that is pesticide-free, formaldehyde-free, free of heavy metals and more. Such companies are leading the way in the future of clothing and doing so in style!


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