Deep Clean Linens Safely with Baking Soda and Vinegar



By now you may be wishing you’d used high quality laundry detergent all along. Or you may be wishing you’d just given those sheets away instead of storing them in the garage. Whatever the reason, some clothing and linens can get so dirty that they don’t smell right even after a wash and dry.
Kate Simmons has a way to really clean them again. Soak your sheet in vinegar, water and dish soap for half an hour. Then put them in your washer on hot and on “heavy soil” with baking soda—no laundry detergent—making sure the bubbling action happens to the sheets, not before you add them. Dry; test with your nose; repeat if necessary. One way or another, those sheets are going to get clean.
More details and process at Decoist

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