Eco Friendly Products: Clothes Lines and More

Increasingly we are hearing about more and more ways to become eco friendly.  Commercials tout the green benefits of cars, appliances, and even food packaging.  Making a ton of changes all at once can be overwhelming, but making those changes one at a time makes the process of becoming more green and environmentally friendly a lot more accomodating.  Here are some simple ways to go green with one simple category, your laundry:

  • Invest in a clothes line.  Obviously this option allows you to save money and the environment by not using your dryer, but in addition, using a clothes line to dry your clothes will prevent wear and tear on your clothes, which allows them to last longer.  It also prevents you from needing additional chemical laden products like dryer sheets, since line drying your clothes naturally prevents static cling and wrinkles. 


  • Consider a portable washer, like the WonderWash.  This little appliance is small, convenient, and it uses less water than handwashing, so it’s the perfect companion for someone who has frequent small loads.  Instead of using a traditional sized washer, utilize this machine and save some water.
  • Line dry your clothes year round with The Laundry Dome.  While this product itself isn’t inherently eco friendly, it allows for you to have the benefits of line drying no matter the weather.  Many people line dry in the summer, but they feel defeated in the winter when it gets cold, so they end up using their dryer.  This prevents you from needing to even think about the weather so you’ll be able to dry your clothes any day, any time.

  • Find a long lasting clothespin.  Traditional wooden pins have the benefit of being made of wood or eco friendly bamboo, a rust free metal component, and will last you for years.  While Moerman Soft Grip XL Premium European Clothespins is made of plastic, they will last you a long time, which will allow you to not have to purchase replacements as often.  In addition, these clothespins prevent denting your clothes, which will not only keep your clothes looking nice, but will also prevent the fibers from being stretched.
  • Utilize line drying for all your clothes, including sweaters, by using the Whitney Sweater Air Dryer Clothes Rack.  This rack allows you to air dry even your most fragile sweaters.  It will prevent pilling of the sweater fabric, and stretching and pulling, leaving your sweaters looking nicer and lasting longer.

Going green doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process, in fact, taking steps to make your life more eco friendly can by wonderfully liberating as you uncomplicate your life.  For more product ideas, please contact us today!

Posted by Tobin Dimmitt August 14, 2012 at 1:35 PM under Environment News and Events

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