How to Install the Stewi Soil Ground Socket

The Stewi Soil Ground Socket requires no cement, and is a less permanent alternative that still lets you use the Stewi Libelle and the First Lady rotary dryer. While it’s simpler than pouring a concrete base, there are a few steps to set up the Stewi Soil. Watch Brianna demonstrate, then recap with the instructions below:

The Stewi Soil Ground Socket for Rotary Clotheslines is Cement-Free

    The Stewi Soil Comes With:

    Base plate
    Metal sleeve
    Anchor sleeve
    50mm ring

    You Will Need:

    Measuring tape or ruler
    Spare piece of wood such as leftover 2×4

Step 1: Dig your hole
Gently remove a layer of sod equal to the size of the base plate. You want the base plate to fit snugly just under the surface of the hole. Now dig a hole about 4 inches deep.
Step 2: Embed your socket
Take all the parts out of the metal sleeve. Jam the pointed end of the metal sleeve into the bottom of the hole so it stands up. Now take your wood block and use it to protect the socket and as a flat surface for hammering the socket deeper into the hole. Hammer it until at least the tapered part is completely buried and you can only see the straight part of the socket in the hole.
Step 3: Stabilize
Slide the base plate over the socket so it rests just inside the hole. The base plate stabilizes the socket against the sides of the hole. If you already have your rotary dryer, it might be a good idea to test your sleeve’s straightness. Slide the anchor sleeve into the metal sleeve and the 50 mm ring into the anchor sleeve if you wish to check with the rotary dryer.
Step 4: Finish
Fill in the hole and replace the sod. You should have a little leftover soil since the base plate does not slide all the way down to the bottom of the hole.
Now you are ready to set up and use your rotary dryer. If you prefer to keep your rotary dryer indoors between uses, you may remove the ring to close the lid of the anchor sleeve against precipitation.

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