Simple ways on How to Organize your Laundry Room

Laundry is, as we all know, seemingly never ending.  It is therefore imperative that the laundry room be neat and organized. If space is an issue, then this is simply a must.  Here are a few tips and ideas to make laundry fun and manageable.


1.  Place washing detergents and softeners in see through plastic containers.  Make a mark on the container with a permanent marker at the level where there is still enough detergent to do at least 2 more loads of washing.  Once your detergent has reached the indicated mark, it is time to buy some more.  This way you will never run out at inconvenient times.

2.  Use plastic pegs.  They last longer.

3.  Stipulate which day(s) of the week are for laundry.  This will save you time and money.

4.  Have 3 different baskets: one for whites, one for color and one for dry cleaning.  This will save you time when loading the machine.  These can even be placed in each child’s room.  This way they learn to be responsible for their own dirty laundry.

5.  Get the family involved.  Draw up a roster for the week.  Even very young children can help fold the washing out of the drier.  Set up a rewards system.  Have each person do a stint of folding and packing away.

6.  Keep all stain removing substances and bleaches together in one space.

7.  Keep a basket for lone socks. If they do not have a pair, place them in the basket and leave them in the laundry room.  This way when the other one shows up, you don’t have to go searching.

8.  Fold items that have been tumble dried immediately.  This will cut your ironing time in half.

Organizing your space:

A shelf placed at eye level above your washer and dryer is ideal for storing the detergents and bleaches you use.
A long counter top over the top of both machines is a fantastic idea as washing can be folded neatly and stacked into relevant piles to be collected by members of the family when done.
A concertina style drying rack attached to the wall is a good place for drying items that cannot be tumble dried.
Brackets can be purchased which enable the drier to be placed at eye level above the washing machine. This is a great space saver.
A retractable washing line is a wonderful idea if you have the space.  It can be used to hang items of clothing that cannot be tumble dried and also for airing bath towels.
A stainless steel rod attached to the wall and lined with plastic coat hangers is ideal for hanging drip dry items of clothing and also shirts and dresses that have been ironed.
Paint your laundry room a bright and cheerful color.  This will lift your spirits and make it a happier room to be in. Remember to get the family involved!

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