Six Easy Strategies You Can Use Today to Take Advantage of Solar Energy

Many people believe that using solar is difficult. For decades, people were told that solar and other forms of alternative energy was impractical. No doubt, solar is much easier to use today than it was just ten years ago, but many of the ways you can use solar today, could have also been used decades ago. The world is definitely waking up to the power and potential of solar energy. Solar technology has matured and now businesses and governments worldwide are adopting solar at ever increasing rates. In short, solar is ready for “prime time.”


Strategy #1 Try Passive Solar

The amount of energy that could be saved by adopting and using passive solar is staggering. Passive solar can be as simple as opening your curtains or raising your blinds on a sunny day. No doubt this may sound too simple to be effective, but passive solar in this form can really help to heat up your home in the winter.  Don’t underestimate the potential of good old-fashioned sun exposure. Over the course of a year, it can also dramatically lower your electricity bill.


Strategy #2 Consider Skylights

Another relatively easy way to get solar energy working on your behalf comes in the form of installing skylights. This is also considered passive solar. Skylights not only provide additional lighting and reduce the amount of electricity used, but they also provide additional heating to top floors via solar energy.


Converted attic spaces and top floors with skylights can help reduce heating bills in the winter as a warmer second floor helps keep an entire home warmer. Ideally, skylights should be combined with attic insulation. Attic insulation is one of the smartest home improvements any homeowner can make and it will definitely help you get more out of the passive solar benefits of skylights. When selecting insulation, consider eco-friendly options such as blue-jean insulation, which is very effective but largely free of the chemicals that comprise most insulation options.


There is another great way to get the most out of skylights’ passive solar heating benefits. Consider adding window insulation film over your skylights in the winter, as this will help trap in heat. Combine this idea with quality insulation and you will definitely benefit from passive solar.


Strategy #3 Get a Solar Water Heater

Switching over to solar can be a big and still somewhat costly venture. However, a solar water heater is a much more manageable option. Solar water heaters effectively heat water up during the day and can cut your hot water heating budget by a large margin. The simple step of switching to a solar water heater will also help the planet and lower your carbon footprint considerably.


Strategy #4 Start Using Solar Powered Lights


Solar powered outdoor lights and path lights are an easy way to put solar to work for you. Solar energy can be easy and outdoor solar powered lights are an excellent example of this fact. Solar power walkway lights have small solar panels on the top and work to provide illumination during the day. The amount of light isn’t huge, but it is enough to get the job done, even on a relatively cloudy day. Consumers are also happy to know that getting these special lights require only a minimal financial investment.

Another outdoor solar power light option worth exploring comes in the form of security lighting. Wired security lighting can be expensive to install, but outdoor solar security lights say the expense of hiring an electrician. Best of all, you will also save on your electricity bill year-round. Solar powered security lights usually have motion sensors built right in meaning that they can be set to only go off when triggered by a large enough object. Opt for solar powered security lights and you’ll have a quick and easy way to add addition light and security to the outside of your home.


Strategy #5 Power Your Gadgets with a Portable Solar Panel


Portable solar panels are cheap and easy to use. Simply visit an online retailor such as Amazon and you’ll see that small solar panels, which can be used to recharge small electronics such as cell phones, laptops and flashlights are inexpensive. If you want to find ways both large and small to reduce your annual energy bill and lower your carbon footprint then you’ll want to explore this worthwhile option.

There is another interesting way to use a portable solar panel as well. Consider charging a portable lamp with your portable solar panel during the day and then using that lamp at night. Instead of having several lightbulbs burning in your bathroom when you get ready for bed, use your solar powered portable lamp at night. There are even portable lamps that have the solar panels built right in. Having a portable solar panel and a solar powered lamp are two smart tools to have handy for when the power goes out.


Strategy #6 Solar Powered Workshop Radio


Another smart gadget to have ready in case of an emergency is a solar powered radio. Instead of letting your solar powered radio gather dust, however, you can use it as a workshop or office radio. If you are currently using a regular powered radio then consider switching over to a solar powered radio for at least a couple of days a month. Again, this simple move will save you energy and lower your carbon footprint.

Luckily, solar has become very easy in the last decades. The days of having to struggle to figure out how best to use solar are long gone. Solar is getting easier and cheaper every year. Solar gadgets are often thought of as “emergency gadgets” but the simple fact is that solar gadgets are more useful and user-friendly than ever before. Consider incorporating solar into your everyday life and everyday activities. You’ll be glad you did!

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