Staying Clean Around Campus: Laundry Tips for College Students

A lot of teenagers are packing up and moving out in the upcoming weeks, and their anxious families are wishing them well as they leave the nest and head off to college. With this new phase of a teen’s life comes a lot of new freedoms and responsibilities — including doing their own laundry, most likely for the first time.

The American Cleaning Institute has a web site full of advice that an incoming freshman should consider in order to keep their workspaces and themselves clean. They also suggest students “get personal” when it comes to the laundry room. Here are some selected tips:

  • Wash bed sheets at least every two weeks, more if you sweat a lot at night.
  • Wash underwear and socks after each wearing. Same goes for bathiing suits, T-shirts, tank tops and camisoles.
  • Bath towels should be hung out to dry between uses. [There are a lot of indoor clothes drying rack models perfect for a dorm room.] They should be washed after three or four normal uses — but more frequently if you do sports.
  • Bras can be worn up to three times between washes — but give your bra a rest day between wearings so it can regain its shape.
  • Jeans can be worn three times between washings, unless they’re obviously dirty.
  • Clean stained clothing as soon as possible. A prompt cleaning will extend the garment’s usefullness and is more environmentally-friendly than having to replace the item.

And most importantly, if you don’t know where the local washing machine is, find it!

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Posted by Donald Schmit August 10, 2012 at 12:47 PM under Home Living Tips

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