The Household Essentials Outdoor Parallel Clothesline

Household Essentials Outdoor Parallel ClotheslineThe Household Essentials Outdoor Parallel Clothesline mixes the space efficiency of an umbrella dryer with the logistical ease of a traditional straight clotheline. This dryer rotates, making it easier to load. It also has parallel lines that are all the same height and length, so that fitting your sheets on the line is worry-free. 182 feet of drying space make this dryer perfect for large families.
Brianna shows you how to install the Parallel Clothesline on video. The dryer comes pre-strung, saving you time. Cement the ground sleeve into the ground with concrete. When the cement dries, insert the post with the skinny end up. Untie the arms of the upper structure before sliding it onto the post. Separate the arms, then slide the hand grip sleeve up the center until it locks.

The dryer has 30 lines total. Each half of the dryer is strung with a single line that you may tighten by pulling and then retying the end.
The Household Essentials Outdoor Parallel Clothesline is durable, made from rust-resistant galvanized steel and high impact plastic. Its combination of features makes it the right dryer for almost any yard.

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