The Leifheit Screw-In Ground Peg

The Leifheit Screw-In Ground Peg is a stable and easy cement-free ground peg. Despite needing no concrete to install, this peg screws in securely and is easy to get straight in the ground. You may move it any time you like.
This 17 inch screw has a metal core and sturdy plastic construction. It fits any rotary dryer with a 50 millimeter pole. It has a cap to keep rain out between uses.
To install the Leifheit Screw-In Ground Peg, simply screw it into the ground, then insert the handle when the going gets tough to screw it further with both hands until only three or four inches are exposed. You may want to start a small hole with a garden spade to ensure you start straight. You may remove this ground peg the same way you screwed it in, using the handle. Brianna shows you how to install the Leifheit Screw-In Ground Peg below:

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