The Moerman 5-Line Retractable Clothesline

Moerman 5-Line Retractable ClotheslineThe Moerman 5-Line Retractable Clothesline boasts 60 feet of drying space in 5 lines that are 12 feet long each. Couples in small spaces will find this clothes dryer useful. It is also suitable outdoors, as its high impact plastic case protects the lines when you put them away.
The Moerman 5-Line comes with all hardware included. Brianna is here to show you how to install and use this clothesline in the video below:

Just use the holes in the back of the casing to plot where you wish to place your screws. Screw your screws into the wall, leaving them protruding slightly. Now just place your dryer over the screws and slide it down to lock it over them. On the opposite wall, screw in the screw hooks. For any screws that need it, you may use the provided plastic wall anchors.
To extend the lines, simply pull them and hook them onto the screw hooks. Tighten them by turning the knob on the side of the casing, and push it in to lock them taut. To put your lines away, first pull out the tension control knob to unlock, then unhook them and walk them back. Your lines will be clean and dry when you need them.

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