The Moerman Compact Single Retractable Clothesline

Moerman Compact Single Retractable ClotheslineThe Moerman Compact Single Retractable Clothesline is the perfect little line for single people or RV dwellers. This 8 foot line retracts into a high impact plastic case for use indoors or outdoors. The chrome plated case blends in with your home when not in use.
The dryer comes with all the hardware included. You will find your dryer and receiver bracket, four screws, and four plastic anchors for those of you who will be using a hollow spot on your wall. All you need is a pencil, a ruler, and a screwdriver or drill. Brianna can show you how to install and extend the Moerman Compact Single Retractable Clothesline in the video below:

Use the back of the dryer casing to plot how far apart you need your screws to go. When you screw in your screws, let them stick out just a bit. Place the large holes of the casing over the screws, then slide downward to secure it.
The receiver bracket screws vertically onto the opposite wall. Remember to place the large part of the center hole near the top. When you extend your clothesline, place the nib in the hole and slide downward to lock the nib in the small end of the hole. Simply remove the nib and walk it back to put your clothesline away.

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