Tips for Purchasing a General Laundry Hamper
The Household Essentials Oak Lattice Hamper

Oak Lattice Hamper from Household Essentials

If you have a family, the laundry can turn to epic proportions before you know it. This is where a good laundry hamper can help. Of course, when you are purchasing a hamper, there are many to choose from. You need to consider where you’ll put it and how you do your laundry when making your decision. Here are a couple suggestions that will help you choose a suitable general laundry hamper for your needs.

Location, Location

Location is definitely going to be important when you are choosing your laundry hamper. Will it be in a visible area? If so, going with one that is decorative can keep things looking nice. However, if you have an area where you store the hamper, choosing a less expensive option is fine.

Who is Using It?

If you have a family that will be using the laundry basket, you want something that is sturdy so it can hold up to a lot of clothing. Usually it’s a good idea to make sure you can easily carry it as well if there are going to be a lot of clothes in it.

How Much Space is Available?

Maybe you don’t have a lot of room in your home, apartment, or your dorm room. There are smaller options that work well in small spaces. Collapsible options are easy on space. Another idea is one that will hang on the back of a door. This way it doesn’t take up precious floor space.


Of course, many people like to keep style in mind so they have a laundry hamper that isn’t an eye sore. Keep in mind your décor and look for a hamper that will appeal to your sense of style and the décor you already have in place.

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