What is a Laundry Sorter and How it Can Help

Many people end up with laundry chaos in their home, making it difficult to even know what is clean and what is dirty. This is definitely not an effective way to sort your clothing. One great solution to the chaos in your bathroom is purchasing a laundry sorter. The sorter is basically designed to help you sort clothing before it’s time to wash it.

Usually a laundry sorter has two to four different sections in it. This allows you to keep clothing in separate compartments when you first take it off. You can separate by whites, lights, and darks, or you can come up with a different sorting system of your own. You may even want to have a section available for items that are dry clean only or delicate.

The benefit of a laundry sorter is that it takes the frustrating of having to go through piles of clothing later on trying to sort them. You get everything all sorted out throughout the week. Then when it is time to do laundry, you can easily throw in the loads, since they are already sorted for you. It definitely makes the process a lot easier and faster for you.

There are some laundry sorters that have permanent compartments, while others use canvas bags for the compartments. The bags are preferable, since you can easily take them out and wash them as well. Sometimes you’ll even find sorters that come with labels on them so you can label each compartment for the type of clothing that is supposed to go in it. You’ll definitely find that a sorter can get you organized making that laundry day a lot easier for you.