Where Should You Turn for Your Interior Design Ideas?

Great interior design isn’t an accident. The simple fact is that great interior design is the result of planning, preparation, experience, professionalism and skill. Yet, while it is important that these factors all blend together with precision and elegance, it is not the most important part of the process. The most essential part of the interior design process is finding a great interior designer or finding great ideas of your own.

Know What You Want

The process of knowing or discovering what you want couldn’t be more important. Far too many interior design projects fall flat because homeowners don’t know what they want. Deciding what you want out of a space is critical. Invest the time to contemplate your needs and the look you want to achieve.

Online Research Is an Excellent Investment


Visiting online design blogs is a very good time investment. Spending time on design blogs will help you get a good idea of what you do like and just as importantly what you don’t like.

There is no doubt that working with an interior designer can be expensive, but you can cut down on the cost by providing an interior designer with examples of what works for you. Armed with this information, an interior designer can quickly orient his or her thinking and move the process along.

Be sure to keep an image file of design ideas that you like. In this way, you’ll be able to quickly outline for your interior designer what you like. If you are not working with an interior designer you can use your collection of likes to orient your own thinking.

Top Interior Design Destinations

There are some websites to consider when formulating your interior design strategy. There are lots of great interior design websites and blogs that you’ll want to check out. Here are a few great options for starters.


Freshome.com has an ideas section that is full of clever ideas for all kinds of spaces. HGTV provides a lot of expert advice and Houzz.com is the kind of site where you can lose hours and hours and, in the process, build a great collection of pictures.

When it comes to finding wonderful ideas for your interior design projects, Pinterest is pretty tough to beat. Simply search the type of interior design ideas you want to explore, and Pinterest will instantly give you options to pin. This tool is very useful when it comes time to showcase your favorite styles to an interior designer. Or you might gain so much inspiration that you start putting together a room of your dreams on your own.

Don’t forget these are only four of many wonderful sites and blogs that can help you generate some spectacular interior design ideas. In the end, you may find so many ideas that your largest problem becomes one of editing down your ideas. Having too many ideas can actually be far more time consuming than not having enough.

Visit Interior Design Boutiques


Now that you have your collection of interior design looks and items that you love it might be time to visit local interior design boutiques. These boutiques will have professionals who are motivated to help you find what you want. In other words, they want to make a sale, and that means free and potentially expert interior designer advice. Yes, you have to do a little bit more legwork but you will also save money.

The best approach is to take a tablet computer along with you so that you can show people your picks. Just be sure that you’ve organized your collection of interior design picks well in advance.

Finding an Interior Designer

Like finding anyone to work on or contribute to the look and feel of your home, you’ll want references. It is difficult to understate the tremendous importance of getting a reference. Someone who has worked with an interior designer in the past and knows that he or she can be trusted is invaluable. Additionally, be sure that you take a look at an interior designer’s past results. If you don’t like what you see, then move along.

So You’re On a Tight Budget?

Even if you are on a tight budget, there are ways you can get some great advice for your interior design project. One of the most overlooked ways to get some great advice for your project is to work with an art and design college student or an interior design student looking to boost his or her portfolio. Just as you would check any interior designer’s portfolio, you’ll want to do the same with a student. However, you might discover that a student will be willing to work harder and take more risks than an established interior designer.

There are plenty of other great tips for those on a budget. For example, instead of shopping at boutiques, turn to consignment stores and thrift stores. You’ll run into some amazing surprises. Use your imagination and get creative with your finds. When you do shop for new items, ask about when these products might go on sale. You’ll be surprised the amount of inside information that you can get from salespeople if you just ask.

Great Communication is Absolutely Essential for Amazing Results


Achieving amazing interior design results isn’t just about spending money. In the end, finding the right interior design solutions can be distilled down to knowing what you want, doing your research and then communicating those needs to professionals.

Whether you work with experts at an interior design boutique, students or established interior designers, doing your homework in advance will not only save you time and money but will also help you achieve the final look you desire. Remember that no one can read your mind. The more accurate and well organized information you can provide, the better off your final results will be!

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