Wicker Laundry Hamper Designs You’ll Love

One of the most popular choices among laundry hampers today happens to be the wicker hamper. They provide a beautiful look that looks nice in just about any room. Usually they are brown in color, which means they blend with almost any type of décor. They also bring about a touch of elegance as well with the rich color and unique texture. Here are a few different wicker laundry hamper designs that you’ll love.

The Triple Sorter

One great option to consider if you want to go with wicker is the triple sorter. This is a laundry hamper made of wicker that actually has three different compartments. It allows you to easily sort laundry when you put it in the hamper, making washing day a bit easier for you. Since they tend to get heavy as they get full, look for one that comes with some wheels on it.

Single Bin with Lid

Another of the options you can choose from when it comes to wicker laundry hampers is a single bin option with lid. If you have a smaller home or you live alone, this one doesn’t take up too much space. It looks nice too and has a lid so you don’t end up with any smell from the dirty laundry. The lid also keeps the clothing out of your sight too.

Basket Style Options

A little different than other wicker options is the wicker basket style hamper. This looks like a nicely woven basket but it comes with a lid. Usually they have cloth interiors so you can easily take them off and wash them. The lid is a great option as well. These make great hampers for a baby’s room or a small child’s room.

Bench Baskets

You can find bench style wicker laundry hampers too. They look great and they even are tough enough to allow someone to sit on them. Since they look so nice, you can keep it anywhere and no one will guess it’s a laundry hamper.

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