Would You Like To See A Clothesline At The White House?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was a clothesline at the White House? Well, there used to be, back in the day. That was a much simpler time, when there was no gas or electricity to run clothes dryers, washers, or any other appliances. Laundry was done by hand during those times, and hung on the line to dry. Most of the times, there was a designated “laundry day” for this chore. Often Monday was set aside when homemakers spent the day sorting, washing and hanging clothes on the clothesline to dry.

Other times, Saturday was the day to do laundry when the kids were home from school on the weekend to help out. Yes, children were expected to do chores. Of course, when the clothes had hung long enough to dry, mothers and their children took them off the line and placed them into baskets before bringing them into the house to fold and put away. Some clothing required ironing, but that was typically reserved for another day.

The tradition of a specific “laundry day” may still be part of the American lifestyle, but something was lost with the advent of the automatic dryer. Today, it is unusual to see parents with their children, working together in the fresh air surrounding a clothesline. That is a shame because this is a ritual that provided very productive family time together. Nevertheless, there is still hope that some will bring this tradition back to some extent.

Remember when President Obama declared that they were going to do their part to help the environment? Well, his family installed a kitchen garden on the premises, and they have been encouraging other eco-friendly endeavors since he was elected the president of the United States. He consistently tells the people of the country how they should be more personally responsible for reducing the risk of climate change. However, there seems to be little evidence that he is doing his part.

How about placing a clothesline in a visible location on the premises of the White House and using it, at least occasionally. Wouldn’t it be neat to actually see the President himself carrying a basket of wet clothes to the clothesline and hanging the contents on the line? That would surely encourage others to do the same. A video of this event, posted to YouTube is sure to raise awareness among citizens that they should step back into time a bit and reconsider the amount of energy used for drying laundry these days.

Considering that six percent of all residential electricity is consumed by the home dryer, 18 percent of Americans use gas for the purpose, a large number of people do their laundry as Laundromats, and the vast amount of laundry done for commercial facilities, it is not hard to see that just by changing the way laundry is dried would save a huge amount of energy.

If you would like to see that happen at the White House, you can do something to affect that change. Sign our Project Laundry List petition and it will be delivered to the First Family as well as the Housekeeper of the White House and we will make sure your opinion is heard.

Posted by Reese Stratford August 22, 2013 at 9:04 AM under News and Events

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