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Top Features to Look for When Buying a Laundry Sorter

One of the best investments you’ll ever make in your laundry is a good laundry sorter. These sorters help you keep laundry organized, and organization makes things a lot easier for you. Of course, today there are many models and styles to choose from. How can you choose the right option? Well, to make it easier for you, here are the top features to look for when you are buying your own laundry sorter.

Feature #1 – Removable Bags

When you are going to purchase your own laundry sorter, one of the most important features to look for is one that comes with removable bags. Not every sorter has this option. The removable bags are a great feature because it allows you to remove them easily. This allows you to quickly dump a load into the wash instead of removing them piece by piece. Another benefit is that you can throw them in the wash and make sure you keep them clean and free from smells.

Feature #2 – Wheels

Another top feature to look for when you buy a laundry sorter is wheels. You probably don’t want to carry all those clothes from one room into the laundry room. If the sorter has wheels on it, just wheel it down the hall and into the laundry room without a problem. No more back strains from having to carry that laundry.

While there are many other features you can find on a laundry sorter, you’ll find that removable bags and wheels are the two most important ones. If you can find one that has both of these features, you have definitely found a quality one worth spending your money on.

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Reasons to Choose a Personalized Laundry Hamper

Everyone has their own routine when it comes to washing laundry, which means everyone has needs that are a bit different as well. Some may do laundry daily while others do it once a week. Others may do it person by person, while others may do all the laundry as a family. No matter the case, everyone definitely needs to have a good laundry hamper where all the laundry can accumulate until wash day. One option that may prove helpful in your home is a personalized laundry hamper.

With a personalized laundry hamper, you’ll have the family members name engraved or sewn on the hamper. They look great and it can be fun to have your very own hamper.

One of the reasons to go with a hamper that has been personalized is to keep the laundry hampers from getting mixed up. Maybe you have several different children in your home. They’ll know which hamper belongs in their room and you’ll also be able to know which laundry came from which child.

Another reason to go with a personalized laundry hamper is communal living. Maybe you live in a dormitory and you want to make sure that there are no mix ups when it comes to your hamper. When your name is on it, no one will be able to accidentally take it, since they’ll see your name. It’s a great idea for kids when they go to camp as well so their laundry doesn’t end up getting mixed up with another kid’s laundry.

These personalized options are great for people of any age. In fact, they also make great gift options. If you know someone who is picky about their laundry or someone that uses a laundry mat on a regular basis, this laundry hamper may be the perfect gift for them.

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Don’t Buy Your Laundry Cart Until You Ready These Tips

A laundry cart is definitely handy for having in your home. You’re able to easily wheel it through the home, helping you organize and more easily collect and put away your laundry. Of course, today you have many carts to choose from. Until you read these tips, don’t make your decision. Follow these tips to get a great cart that will meet your needs.

Your Requirements and Needs

The first tip to remember is to keep your requirements and needs in mind when you make this decision. If you have quite a distance to go with the cart, you’ll want one that is light and easy to move. Your storage area is another thing to think about. The cart should be easy to store so it doesn’t end up looking out of place.

What Will You Store?

It’s important that you think about what you are going to store on this laundry cart as well. Do you just plan to use it to move your laundry around the home or do you actually want to store items on this cart. If you plan to use it for storage, such as for detergents and other supplies, you need to make sure it is equipped to handle this.

The Price

Of course, price is always going to be a factor when you are looking for a good laundry cart. While you want a good deal, make sure that the cart is of high quality so it won’t let you down. In some cases, paying a few dollars more is worth it for a cart that will last longer for you. Try to find a meeting between a good price and high quality.

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Laundry Sorter – Many Options to Choose From

While a laundry sorter may not be a glamorous purchase, it is one that can definitely make your life a whole lot easier. If your laundry wears you out, a good sorter can make a big difference. These sorters keep clothing sorted so you can easily and quickly wash loads without spending a huge amount of time going through it all and sorting it. The great thing is that there are many options available that you can choose from.

First, you’ll find that the prices of a laundry sorter can vary greatly. There are some sorters that are as cheap as about $10, while others may cost you about $80 or so. Of course, this all depends on the one that you choose. It’s a good idea to know what you can spend before you go shopping and look for a good one that will meet your laundry needs.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the number of compartments as well. Some sorters only have two compartments – one for lights and one for darks. Others can have as many as six different compartments in them. Think about the usual loads you do and then choose a sorter that will work well with that.

Different sizes are available when you’re looking for a laundry sorter. The more compartments they have, usually they larger they are. Consider the amount of space you have available before making your decision to ensure you have enough room for the sorter.

Some of the sorters have extra features, such as pockets on the sides where you can store detergents and other laundry items. You’ll also find that some have wheels, which can definitely be helpful if you have a long way to go between your room and the laundry room.

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Laundry Hampers – Great Styles Available

Laundry hampers don’t sound like a stylish piece of laundry equipment. However, today there are many great styles available. In fact, many don’t even look like a hamper at all. You can easily buy an option that can be incorporated into your home décor.

When you looking for a stylish option, color is something you’ll want to consider. You’ll need a color that compliments the area where you will be placing this hamper. If it’s going in your bathroom, go with a laundry hamper that matches the design and colors in place. Maybe you are putting it in a general area where you have a lot of wood, such as your master bedroom. In this cases, warm wickers in colors like beige or a wood grain can make a classy addition. When you are going to put hampers in the kid’s room, go with bright colors that correspond to their room colors.

Other than color, size is going to be important when you are going for a stylish laundry hamper. If you have a smaller area available, go for a tapered hamper that won’t take up a lot of room. Larger options can be used if you have a large home and you want to show off the décor your hamper adds to a room.

Using laundry hampers that compliment the existing furniture in a room is a great idea. Woods like willow and wicker are beautiful and will look good with many types of furniture.

As you can see, your hamper doesn’t have to be ordinary. You can be imaginative and enjoy some of the great styles out there that add to your home décor. All you need is a bit of imagination and you can have fun with this choice.

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Can The fight Against Clothes Line Bans Really Be Won?

I found a recent excellent article in the BBC News magazine by Tom Geoghegan, that discussed the whole issue were are facing here in the US with clothes line bans.

Here is a brief piece of the article which can be found in full at

laundry on the clothes line

For decades, the clothes line has had an image problem in the US but, ahead of a rally to highlight the benefits of natural drying, is it about to be reclaimed?

There is a new protest movement sweeping the US and at its heart are two sticks and a piece of string.

Upon the humble clothes line, a battle line has been drawn that embodies a uniquely American clash of ideas about class, liberty and the environment.

Rules imposed by community associations and landlords forbid tens of millions of home owners to dry their washing outside because, they say, it’s unsightly and even lowers property prices.

But a number of clothes line rebels have risked legal action by disobeying these rules, saying it is the duty of Americans to reduce
their carbon footprint and leave their energy-hungry tumble dryers idle.

This Sunday their supporters will make their feelings known by holding a rally in Concord, New Hampshire to promote line drying.

These unlikely dissenters come in all ages and from all backgrounds. After moving to Witney Ridge in Pennsylvania nearly three
years ago, Deborah Brensinger, a 55-year-old nurse, immediately began hanging her clothes in her back yard.

“Our government is trying to encourage working with the environment and doing things to cut down electricity, yet here’s
something totally free.

“I get to see my neighbours, it’s clean and it smells good. It’s a contemplative practice. I don’t rush it, I enjoy it. It relieves
stress. You can do it leisurely at your own pace, in a world that’s so fast-paced.”

What are your thoughts on clothes line bans here in the US? It pretty clear we love clothes lines, however we just cant understand why they need to be banned and why so many HOA are on board.

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What is a Laundry Sorter and How it Can Help

Many people end up with laundry chaos in their home, making it difficult to even know what is clean and what is dirty. This is definitely not an effective way to sort your clothing. One great solution to the chaos in your bathroom is purchasing a laundry sorter. The sorter is basically designed to help you sort clothing before it’s time to wash it.

Usually a laundry sorter has two to four different sections in it. This allows you to keep clothing in separate compartments when you first take it off. You can separate by whites, lights, and darks, or you can come up with a different sorting system of your own. You may even want to have a section available for items that are dry clean only or delicate.

The benefit of a laundry sorter is that it takes the frustrating of having to go through piles of clothing later on trying to sort them. You get everything all sorted out throughout the week. Then when it is time to do laundry, you can easily throw in the loads, since they are already sorted for you. It definitely makes the process a lot easier and faster for you.

There are some laundry sorters that have permanent compartments, while others use canvas bags for the compartments. The bags are preferable, since you can easily take them out and wash them as well. Sometimes you’ll even find sorters that come with labels on them so you can label each compartment for the type of clothing that is supposed to go in it. You’ll definitely find that a sorter can get you organized making that laundry day a lot easier for you.